Just Under The Wire

I managed to squeeze in one more finish in August – “Transgendered.”

Because the quilt is about 54 by 61 inches, I had it quilted by a local longarm quilter who did ruler work on it.

It’s based on a quilt called “Fire and Ice” by Fun Easy Designed. I saw the picture and thought it would be a great way to use a bag of scraps I had purchased from Sew Batik. It seems I purchase only scraps rather than yardage from that vendor, but my rationale is I’m sure to find fabrics I would never buy otherwise.The pink fabrics came from stash and include batiks, and hand dyed and painted fabrics.

You can see I kept the two color concept and the corner wonky triangles but changed the line of demarcation to a diagonal. I also changed the size of the rectangles.

The title came about as I considered the tyranny of making blue quilts for baby boys and pink ones for baby girls. See this post from the Textile Ranger about how that wasn’t always the case. My personal feeling is that gender is fluid along a continuum. We all have bits of male and female in us. Just the proportions differ. The recent skirmishes about transgendered people led me to the title.


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4 responses to “Just Under The Wire

  1. Congratulations on another finish! This quilt has a great visual impact and the quilting design, especially the circles, add a layer of movement. Thank you for understanding that there is a gender spectrum. Too few people get that.

  2. Can we look forward to this finishing streak to continue? 🙂

    Very attractive. It is much more meaningful knowing your thinking behind it. Thanks.

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