Itty Bitty Quilts

In fact, these are so small I shouldn’t call them quilts. They came about because a group I belong to wanted to do an artist trading card (ATC) type swap. The size was set at 3 by 5 inches and a deadline was announced. I went home and created seven ATCs from my tortured fabric scraps. Then I wrote down the deadline wrong and missed the swap by a month.

Oh well. Maybe I can turn them into mini gifts.

I pieced the two cards on the upper left and added felt trimmings and embroidery. The card on the bottom left is a mop up rag with a plastic freebie attached. The remaining four are based on fabric painting, printing and stenciling experiments, with embroidery and some beads added. All the edges are finished with fabric paint. They were a fun way to waste an afternoon or two, and I could feel justified for saving those scraps.

If you have have any ideas for how I could use these, please let me know.


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11 responses to “Itty Bitty Quilts

  1. I mail tiny quilts to friends as birthday cards. People seem to like them

  2. They each are so wonderfully unique. They would make great postcards. Maybe you are just ahead of the game for the next swap, no?

  3. You could use them to inspire you to create a guild talk on the subject – I think people would be intrigued and want to touch them! Guilds are always looking for inspiration and fun projects, and this seems to fit the bill….

  4. I’m attracted to the one with the lt blue background and running stitches . I can see more similar blocks with subtle background colors and shapes similar but different. Then the position of the blocks horizontal and also vertical. Perhaps of varying size blocks.

  5. Oh, no–you missed the swap?! Wouldn’t the participants still want your creations? It’s a fun way to try out ideas without too much commitment.

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