Around Here Week 42

Ten more weeks to go before the end of the year. I decided it’s about time my husband had a say here, though he  doesn’t take many pictures. In September he spent three weeks in Puebla, Mexico, on an intensive language course. While he brought back many photos of intriguing churches and ruins, I want to show you the photo he took just for me.

He thought I’d like the drippy numbers. I do, but I wonder about the surrealistic elements here – the door below street level, the glass doors that open to brick walls, the black door that doesn’t seem to have a door knob. Then there’s the wet bits on the paving. What happened there?

I could ask him, but I’ll let the mystery be.


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15 responses to “Around Here Week 42

  1. Rebecca in SoCal

    That is a fascinating picture, beautifully composed.

  2. So much to work with here! I noticed the drippy numbers first, too, but the more you look at the photo, the more you see–very arresting details!

  3. How cool is that… He gets you! It is an intriguing and makes me curious but sometimes no knowing is better. I hope we get to see more of his photos sometime.

    • Believe me when I tell you that this is about the best photo my husband has ever taken. No doubt the photo gods understand and approved of his intent. Most of my husband’s photos from his trip feature a lot of foreground with roads and sidewalks, and cut off tops of buildings.

  4. Great picture. Yes, lots of mystery to it. I love the black door, with barely room to step down to it cut into the sidewalk. Also all the lovely perpendicular lines in perspective, only broken by the diagonal of the small “415,” the drippy irregularity of the large “415,” and the awning shadow. A lot to notice here.

  5. Barbara

    So cool that you have a husband that gets you and you appreciate aesthetically. Once my husband brought me a box of porcupine quills he retrieved from a road kill because he knew I would love them and use them in some artistic creation.

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