The 2017 Mutton Hill Quilt Show

The third annual Mutton Hill Quilt Show, organized by the Summit County (Ohio) Historical Society, took place in mid-October. As in the past, I volunteered with quilt intake and judging, and worked the show itself. In between stints at the raffle ticket table I prowled the floor to look at the quilts.

Unlike some shows, Mutton Hill combines a judged show with special regional and national exhibits. This year I viewed the 2017 Hoffman Fabric Challenge, Ohio SAQA’s trunk show, and part of the national SAQA trunk show.  These exhibits give the show an intriguing mix of traditional and art quilting.

Following are some pieces that caught my eye. There’s no rhyme or reason to my selections. I just liked them. They all seem to have purple in them.

Staying Humble by Marilyn Edwards

Sherman Double Wedding Ring (heirloom)

Blue Pineapple by Marie Petric

Bewitched! by Elizabeth Bauman

Pantheon di Hoffman by Susan Garrity

Spring in San Luis Porte by Wendy Lewis

New York Fashion Week by Pamela Katz

The last group of photos are part of the national SAQA trunk show. They measure 7.5 by 10 inches.

Eucalyptus Metallicus

Super Moon

Rissagabba and the Moon


Winter Meadow

Hold Near and Dear

You can see all the SAQA trunk show pieces here.






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4 responses to “The 2017 Mutton Hill Quilt Show

  1. Thank you for that little quilt show! Such a nice variety, even in these “I just like them” pieces. I like several of these but really love Eucalyptus Metallicus, Super Moon and Winter Meadow. “Staying Humble” is a WOW and love the colors!

    • Yes, the show offers lots of variety – something for everyone’s taste. Staying Humble was named that because the maker had one little square out of sequence. Boy, was she steamed. I think she appliqued the correct color square on top of the mistake.

  2. The SAQA quilts are stunning. Amazing to get so much detail into such a small space. I have not learning to work small. Thanks.

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