Around Here Week 44

I discovered a new way to pass the time while I waited at a railroad crossing the other week – take pictures. Akron’s back ways abound with railroad crossings that are used by freight trains at times I find inconvenient. After a while the graffiti painted on the cars got boring, so I picked up my phone and started snapping.

My interest was in the clouds and electric wires, but I was amused to notice the reflection of the Mustang’s rear on the hood of my car. Since the trains at this intersection usually take about 10 minutes to clear the crossing, I had plenty of time for photo ops.


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8 responses to “Around Here Week 44

  1. That was a good idea and you notice so much. That is a gorgeous sky. I like the cluster of blue, green and yellow trucks on the right.

  2. Dolly

    What adventures you put yourself in! Now those clouds are something since now all we have is overcast.

  3. One of my favorite photos has a bumper sticker and its reflection. It says “Choose love.” 🙂

  4. Kuster Doreen

    I noticed a horizontal block pattern with all the vehicles and train. I take my phone when I walk my dog and have gotten some interesting shots for inspiration. As usual, more ideas than time. I’ll need to remember to pull out the phone next time the train delays me. Great idea!

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