Around Here Week 45

I was going to avoid the sometimes cliched photos of autumn leaves, but then I saw this scene and couldn’t resist.

The effect of golden reflections in my neighbors’ windows is a bit like a Thomas Kinkade painting, but not as twee. I cropped the photo to eliminate a deck and lots of gray vertical boards, but the colors are true.

I love it as a color scheme and maybe even inspiration for a modern type quilt.

As an aside, check out the prices at the Thomas Kinkade website and then try to make the case that a quilt for $1000 is overpriced.


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13 responses to “Around Here Week 45

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo. I like how the tree trunks echo the vertical lines in the siding and, of course, the reflection in the windows is so pretty… I wonder what it is like to be inside looking out.

  2. Breathtaking fall color without a hint of cliche! Excellent! I’d love to see a quilt inspired by this. Get busy?

  3. Marni Fisher

    No matter how many autumn scenes I see (over 64 years), the colour of the leaves pleases me. When it is reflected, I get twice the pleasing.

  4. Love the gold and grey together, great shot.

  5. I’m not a fan of Kincade’s work. It reminds me of the worst of Victorian sentimentality in painting, so your photo wouldn’t have brought it to mind, if you hadn’t suggested it. I am quite taken with your photo, especially the reflections in the windows, but also the large areas with contrast and interlocking — the reflections of gold “non-patterned” within the structured grey on the left, and the grey trunk lines within the non-patterned gold on the right. Nice juxtaposition.

  6. Barbara

    “Twee” is the perfect word for Kinkade’s work, I have a visceral dislike of it. Your photo is much cleaner with a modern vibe that could lend itself to a nice abstraction. Love gold and gray together, I did a quilt in intense yellow and gray that got into the International Quilt Festival and Quiltcon so I may be prejudice toward that combo.

    • Congrats on your gold and gray quilt and its journeys to national shows. I’m a big fan of yellow and gray, having once decorated my bedroom in that combo. My Kinkade reference was to the glow that always seems to emanate from his houses. One critic said it looked like the houses were on fire.

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