Around Here Week 49

Over the river and through the woods? I only wish the path led to my grandmother’s house though it does lead me back to my house. We’ve had a very light dusting of snow, but the ground is frozen and ice is forming on the local ice skating pond.

I have no idea where the blue in the shadows came from, but I like it.


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6 responses to “Around Here Week 49

  1. Love the lights, shadows, and yes, that blue, on my monitor it looks indigo!
    I hope you only go skating when you mean too… be oh so careful on that ice (I’m sure you are experienced!).

    • I leave the skating to the hockey types and admire their energy. My knees are too touchy for that sort of exercise. Walking is enough for me. So, the blue looks indigo on your screen. Maybe I can bring that out more.

  2. I was driving through the Metroparks the other day and the sun was casting shadows of trees across the road like this and I thought of the Snarky Quilter and wondered what you would think of the designs. Great minds must think alike.

  3. The colors and textures here are so interesting! And, yes, that blue insists on being its own color, doesn’t it?

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