A Wonderful Windfall

Over the past few years I’ve bought hand dyed fabrics from Vicki Welsh and have been very pleased with them. Recently Vicki did a week of giveaways, which included what she called large scraps. I had the good fortune to win that random giveaway.

I’m delighted with my windfall. My only quibble, which totally works in my favor, is that Vicki and I have very different concepts of large scraps. I received three different hand dyed fabrics that total at least 3 yards. My idea of a large scrap is a fat eighth.

No matter, here’s a glimpse at what I received.

Vicki has in no way solicited (or even hinted at) a plug from me, but I do want to let you all know of a good source for hand dyed fabrics – gradients, shibori, and lots of other special effects. You can get assorted packets or large pieces of fabric.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve used Vicki’s fabric in.


Winter Fields

I assure you it’s much easier to email Vicki than to break out my dye pots and make sure I have enough supplies.


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8 responses to “A Wonderful Windfall

  1. Such a neat surprise. You have made wonderful use of Vicki’s fabric; your Winter Fields is a favorite of mine but I love how you made the horizontal strips in Moonrise increase in size as they move down the quilt. Also the way you positioned the dark and light sides. The more I look at it the more I like it too. I look forward to seeing how you use these new hand dyed pieces, when the time is right!.

    • I’m so glad you liked Moonrise. I struggled with the FMQ on it and developed a hatred for metallic thread. It’s one of the quilts that’s too dark for my husband’s taste so it doesn’t get to hang for a long time.

  2. Wow, what a nice prize! Thanks for the recommendation, too. I haven’t purchased or used hand-dyes, but it’s always good to know sources for the future.

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen that Moonrise quilt–I love it! Your new fabrics are gorgeous–I like the one in front, too. What will you make?! Won’t that be fun to ponder . . .

  4. Kuster Doreen

    Lucky you! I love the pastel, not sure why. Maybe it reminds me of spring since I’m hating this recent cold snap. Looking forward to see what you make with them.

    • It makes up for all the quilt raffles I’ve never won! I think the pastel piece will work well with some spring greens I have. About February I should be more than ready to work with those colors.

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