A Quilting I Will Go

The next piece in my quilting queue is Damask and Denim, a large work that features much recycled material. It’s pin basted and awaits a quilting design decision. Because you’ve helped me in the past, I’d like your opinions of the rough designs I’ve developed. Thanks in advance.

First, the quilt top itself.

Option 1 surrounds zigzags with straight horizontal and vertical lines.

Option 2 uses all zigzag lines.

Option 3 combines the above two with straight lines only on the top and bottom.

In all versions the diamond centers would be free motion quilted with a diamond spiral. Thread color is open at this point. I’m considering either blue or very pale yellow thread.

Any thoughts? Ideas?


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16 responses to “A Quilting I Will Go

  1. #3. I think #2 is too busy and I vote #3 over #1 because I like the echo zig-zag at the sides which seems to give a radiating look to the piece. I wish you could draw the lines on a clear stencil plastic and lay it over a photo of the piece; that would really give the best idea of how your designs will look. I like the idea of very pale yellow thread. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    • Well, I drew the designs over a photo of the top, but thought it would be easier to see the quilting designs without that layer. As you have seen, my quilting design drawings are quite rough. Good rationale for #3.

  2. I like #1, because it creates the dimensional effect best, IMO. And consider bright gold thread rather than pale yellow. And yes on the friends thing. 🙂

  3. Linda Waddle

    #2 completes the quilt with an harmonious rhythm.

  4. Option 1 is my choice – frames and highlights the diamonds – makes them pop (so to speak). Sparkle as diamonds do. Whatever choice you decide, I’m sure the quilt will finish beautifully.

  5. Edie Taylor

    I think option 1 is the best quilting design to augment the quilt. The variety of straight and angled lines adds additional dimension to the quilt. Probably all would be fine but I would ask myself where do I want emphasis? Option 1 really focuses the eye to the middle diamonds and allows them to pop. I’d have to see the thread but pale pale yellow sounds interesting. I sometimes like variegated thread and here I would a blue variegated. Hope this helps.

    • It’s great how the choice of quilting boils down to where the emphasis should be. Pale yellow was a general suggestion by Angela Walters, who uses it a lot. I have blue variegated thread, but need to run samples on leftover blue fabric to see if it stands out too much.

  6. Rosemaryflower

    Oh gosh, I adore option 2.
    Here is my reason. Options 1 and 3 …. first off, I love this quilt – I love the colors and design. Options 1 and 3 appear to maybe (I am not sure) make the outer rows push up and out. Option 2, all of those beautiful gems look like they are all together, Maybe that is only appealing to me..? but

    I won’t be crushed if you choose one of the other two.

  7. I think definitely Option 1–the middle is kind of wild and chaotic and it fades to serene and structured. But I’ll still be your friend if you choose something different. 😉

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