Artistic Endeavors – Beauty Remains Project

Garage doors in Lithuania were the prompt for photographer Agne Gintalaite’s beauty remains project.


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12 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Beauty Remains Project

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  2. Really cool, what a wonderful color set. They remind me of a shelf full of Moda Grunge yardage.

    My son’s garage town is located 212 stairsteps up the cliff from Son’s house on the beach. The garages are a not-beautiful collection of buildings in various states of repair. His is a shared building with another homeowner (how does that work???) and his original garage door was rotting plywood panels. Last year he replaced it with a modern overhead door.

    • Would that I had Grunge in all those colors. Have you seen the polka dot ones? Sounds like your son gets his exercise each time he drives.

      • Yes, I love the Grunge dots. I used blue ones for a quilt I haven’t managed to show yet. (Wow, it is almost the end of June, I’ve finished several quilts, not sure I’ve shown any of them… Oh Joanna, not sure what’s happened to my blogging abilities…)

      • I suspect spring is what’s happened. At least show us pics of your work – on your blog or Instagram.

  3. Another post that is a feast for the eyes and intrigue for the brain. Thank you for sharing these photos/link (I really like some of her other work too).

  4. That is so gorgeous! I often take pictures of decaying manmade items, meaning to interpret them in a quilt “some day”, but I have never thought of grouping the photos like this. Beautiful.

  5. Rosemaryflower

    Very very cool. Amazing photos of a very interesting, completely different aspect of life in another country. I wonder if back in days of olden, anyone ever “socialized’ in that garage town, just talking about their stuff haha

  6. Aren’t they wonderful?! I’m so glad someone had the vision to preserve them in photos!

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