A Sense of Completion

I’ve gotten two pieces across the finish line in June and one is almost there. You’ve seen the two in various stages, but here’s the reveals.

“Sur La Table” features many bits of cloth I’ve messed around with over the years. It’s named for the two tablecloths that are the base for many of the squares. The greens are from a gradation dyeing I did, while the border is dyed linen. In fact, the only all commercial fabric in it is the Grunge I used for the flange and binding. The backing is a sheet someone gave me, with the hanging sleeve made from the hem of the sheet.

“Sunset on Main” is now mounted to a pre-stretched canvas, for better or worse. It’s ineligible for most quilt shows, but sometimes you just need to do things differently.

The third piece that sidled into being is “Primary Directive,” an improv work based on already sewn together bits. It needs a facing, which will probably wait until July. The stripey print is one of my fave fabrics – “Everglades” by Alexander Henry. A few years back you’d see this fabric used in at least one quilt at every show.

Aside from taking apart a quilt I’m not satisfied with, I now have no excuse not to work on my canal map quilt. I think I have a path forward, but I’ll see how the embroidery goes before I call it all over but the sewing.


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10 responses to “A Sense of Completion

  1. I love your work especially the nice use of value in Sunset on Main. And really, I’m thinking doing work that your heart calls to do rather than answering Call for Entries is a better idea no contest! Anytime you’d like to join our art quilt blog link up – Off the Wall Friday – please feel free. Links are open Friday – Monday night.

    • Wow, thanks. I’ll see if I can figure out the link up stuff.

      • Its super easy – click the button at the bottom of the post from this week, follow the directions with your post’s URL and pick a thumbnail. We have it every week so feel free to join anytime and give yell if you need any more help! I can’t believe I haven’t asked you before – we’ve had all the same teachers – grins!

  2. Sur La Table is really attractive. The fabrics glow together, and your interesting step-piecing held my attention for quite awhile. And it’s both angular and soft, which is an interesting juxtaposition. Good work — always fun to see your finishes.

  3. Jill McCaughey

    I still have some of that Everglades fabric, used it in at least 4 teen donation quilts. Just wonderful colours! Enjoy your blog and your creativity!

  4. I’m always impressed with the variety in your work–no creative ruts for you!

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