A Touch of Frost

No, the weather in northeast Ohio isn’t that bad, though we did have snow last Sunday. I’m referring to Robert Frost, the poet. I named my latest piece after a line of his from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep” strikes me as the perfect articulation of my design.

33 by 38 inches

Since I last wrote about this piece I’ve quilted it in gentle curves to suggest tree bark, and faced the edges. I also frayed the raw edges of the bias strips.

Here are some details.

I used a tree stencil, a cotton lace curtain, spray Marabu paints, commercial and hand dyed cottons, linens, edited photos I took, bias tape, and Pellon Easy Pattern. I knew I’d find a use for my experiments someday.

Here’s hoping I won’t be stopping by woods on a snowy evening for several months, but will enjoy the emergence of new leaves instead.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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15 responses to “A Touch of Frost

  1. I like the duality of the white tree silhouettes and the dark plant print. As I always find in your work there is so much to look at that I pause, and to me that captures the feeling in Frost’s poem, of stepping out of the routine for a minute, to decide which route to take. I like it!

  2. A perfect quilt! I like the way you have worked with thread, the quilting underlines the art design of you the piece, congratulations,

  3. Fraying the edges was an excellent idea–the more texture, the better!

  4. Edie Taylor

    Lovely composition. I love how the quilting lines enhance the overall design.

  5. DJ

    Love the literary connection!

  6. I agree–the Frost line is the perfect name for this! I love the quilt–so much to look at.

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