I Can’t Resist A Sale

When I saw Spoonflower had their new signature petal fabric yardage on sale I knew it was time to print some of my photo-shopped inspiration pix. After some time trying various layouts available, I settled on the following:

Before, a footbridge over the Cuyahoga River:


Before, a shattered mirror backstage:


Before, a garden shed made of recycled soda bottles:


Before, construction materials:


How is the new fabric? It’s better than Spoonflower’s basic cotton and certainly equal to their Kona cotton option. As always, printing leaves the fabric stiff even after washing. If that bothers you, then this process isn’t for you.

No, I have no idea how I’ll use my new fabric, but it’s fun to consider the possibilities.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays, a bit late.


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18 responses to “I Can’t Resist A Sale

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  3. Lynda Heines

    Great designs! Love them.

  4. Great designs, well done!

  5. Sharon A Hirschhorn

    I also love Spoonflower- I belong to a art quilts around the world group where we have challenge themes- whenever I need different fabric I go there.

    • I’d love to hear about any special ways you’ve found to design and print stuff with Spoonflower. I finally learned to make my designs larger in Photoshop so I could get one big image. And your group sounds intriguing.

  6. This is fascinating–I like the first two best but they all have such possibilities. I’ll look forward to what comes next (no pressure–I know you’ll make that process in your own time!)

  7. Ann Scott

    These are cool and surprising! I look forward to what ever you share of them… seems like there will be more fun challenges!

  8. These are great! In 2000, I took a photography class, and one of the assignments was to take pictures of things no one takes pictures of! It made me notice stacks of bricks, powerline connections, and all sorts of other things. These photos would certainly fit that category and I love what you have done with them. My favorite is the broken glass one.

    • I’ve learned pros take so much better photos of landscapes that I’m better off sticking to the offbeat. One lesson I retain from high school art is to really look at things for design inspiration. And thanks for the compliment.

  9. The fabric is fantastic. What are you going to do with it?

  10. Interesting artistic photos you created with photoshop. I love the bridge one and the garden shed. I would have never known about Spoonflower, but my artist sister has designed some fabrics for Spoonflower. I don’t know much about it, because I’m no longer a quilter, but it sounds like a fun thing to explore.

    • Even if you’re not a quilter you can print wallpaper with Spoonflower or print a favorite photo on fabric and mount it on stretcher bars. No, I get no compensation from the company.

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