Glamor Shots

Recently I had a professional photographer work his magic on a few of my quilts that I may enter in national shows. The difference is amazing.

Let The Mystery Be
If The Shoe Fits
Dark and Deep
Hazy Shade of Winter


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20 responses to “Glamor Shots

  1. Amazing, indeed! What a great investment this was–it must be thrilling to see the photos after so much energy went into the quilts!

    • It’s true that it makes sense to present a quilt in its best light after all the work that goes into it. I’m glad I found someone local who takes care with the photos and is reasonably priced.

  2. Judith K Campbell

    Amazing the difference a pro can make. I am a big’ Mystery’ fan!

  3. Ann Scott

    They all look so good, I’d say great investment! Wishing you all the best with your entries wherever they may go and show.

  4. Worth every penny. They are beautiful. Good luck with the show entries. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to, maybe Let the Mystery Be.

  5. I don’t remember If the Shoe Fits from any posts, and I really love it! They all look great and I hope they all get in wherever you enter.

  6. Felice Dahlhausen

    Those quilts look great! Good luck with your entries. Which shows are you entering? Modern Quilt Guild Show is on my list to go see and seems the first one might be good there.

    Putting my binding on mine. Then I need to photograph it. That’s the tricky part. Did you use someone in the Akron area? Have a good Thursday!

    Felice B. Dahlhausen Felice Quilt Designs 330-931-1184


  7. Susan

    Looks fantastic Joanna

  8. DJ

    I’m a bit mesmerized by “Hazy Shade of Winter”. Beautiful.

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