For the past several years I’ve joined other quilters on a yearly retreat in Ohio’s Amish country. I just got back from this year’s, and am happy to report progress on a few projects.

I began another fabric bowl, this time in purple/brown/pink shades. I want to try quilting it from edge to edge rather than in a circle. I’ll finish the outer edge after the quilting is done.

Then, I made every mistake in the book with a bias tape project. I had planned to make an orange peel type design with bias strips, but I forgot I needed to draw my sewing guide lines (in red pen) in the opposite direction for half the blocks. So, my peels only went in diagonals. I decided to add three additional rows of bias strips to half the blocks to create petals.

The photo shows the effect I’m going for. The background fabric is an ice dyed rayon tablecloth that’s backed with fused on interfacing. I will be using narrow black sashing to sew down the blocks as the corners would be too bulky if I sewed the blocks directly to each other – another operator error.

Of course, I had other projects – embroidery (gasp) and a needle felting experiment. Both got started, but it’s early days to know how they will turn out.


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6 responses to “Charming

  1. Hmmm… I ‘m about to go on a retreat but I think it’s going to be mostly UFOs. Yours looks like more fun!

    • It’s always tricky to choose projects for a retreat. I don’t want to lug my entire stash with me, so my projects must be beyond the fabric choosing stage. Then, I find I can’t do design work well when surrounded by cheerfully chatting sewers, so my projects need to be already set. Handwork is good for sitting around and chatting. I took felting with me this time as I knew another participant could help me with it. Some of my friends have projects they work on only at retreats. Yours sound like they might fall into that category.

  2. Ann Scott

    Oh, I love this bowl, even better than your first. The slices and the swirls; great pattern contrast. I look forward to seeing and reading how you finish the quilt. Ice dyeing a rayon tablecloth is so clever!

    • I appreciate your vote for bowl #2, as most folks prefer #1. #2 is more subtle in color and that color does not photograph well. I sure hope my MIL appreciates what I’ve done to her tablecloth. That top now awaits quilting.

  3. I’m really digging these fabric bowls! It sounds like a fun week of experimentation.

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