Button, Button, Do I Want Buttons?

A recent almost-finish has me flummoxed about what, if any, embellishments to add to it. As a mashup of ice dyed fabric, curved bias strips, and sashing it leans toward the arty side but pulls pack to traditional with that sashing.

I’ll level with you. The sashing is there only because I goofed with the placement of my bias strips and couldn’t get them to meet at the corners. I was certainly not going to rip out and realign the strips and I had no more of the ice dyed fabric, so desperate times called for desperate measures.

This poor thing doesn’t even have a name yet. Maybe “Buttoned Up” or “Unbuttoned,” depending on that embellishment decision I talked about above.

Here are the options I’ve tried so far.

The top two options feature buttons with a gingham pattern. The middle two use felt flowers. The bottom one has a silvery button. You can see how different the fabrics look under different lighting conditions.

I don’t know whether to go with a lively and possibly too cute look, or a plainer, Amish look, which would mean no buttons at all. I may be overthinking this.

I’m linking to Nina-Marie’s Off The Wall Fridays.


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24 responses to “Button, Button, Do I Want Buttons?

  1. It is a gorgeous quilt and I think that it does not need buttons.

  2. I love the addition of the buttons! But I cannot decide which I like best.

    • I think my button problem is what I have in my stash already. I can’t seem to find the right color and shape. Luckily, I have a railing to hang this piece over for a bit. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Gwyned

    Odd man out here. The felted flowers tie the sashing and background ice dyed fabric for me. Might play with something asymmetrical to detract from the cutesy effect or create some visual flow with different, but compatible colors. So many possibilities.

    • I know what you mean about symmetry but am coming up empty on how to achieve it in this piece with the regular panes. I’ve tried lots of different colored buttons, but found placement overrode color. Thanks for giving an alternative opinion. No need to follow the crowd.

  4. melissa sherrow

    Buttons distract. I vote no on buttons.

  5. I’d vote for no buttons. 🙂

  6. I like the ones with the buttons in the outer borders, and I would even add more, where the central horizontal and vertical sashes meet the outer border. Those outer buttons caught my eye and gave movement to the curves as they flowed through the quilt.
    And like Mary, I would put shiny buttons in those spots.
    But you know me, dimension and embellishment rule!

  7. Ann Scott

    I like the one silver button, it brings the eye to center of an otherwise lively, with lots of movement piece. Love the ice dyed fabric.

  8. Barbara

    I like the placement of the buttons in the upper right one but I would use a very plain metal button. I like it very much, but without the buttons it lacks “focus.” My eyes don’t know where to look.

  9. Judith Campbell

    Hmm– I love the gingham buttons, but not on this piece. They distract attention from the piece as a whole. You know me, so you probably can’t believe I am saying this!

  10. Of all the buttoned ones, I like the last one best. And I think I might like the Amish-no-button look even more. There’s already a lot going on here and it’s very effective–why gild the lily?

  11. With shiny buttons the whole thing could be Indra’s net. Love the fabric and the design either way!

  12. Sue Mohr

    I’m voting for no buttons at all. They add another layer of interest, but take focus away from the curves and colors behind them.

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