Cleanup From 2019

Despite a few forays into new work, I’ve kept my needle to the grindstone to complete two pieces from 2019. The first, “Sunset,” is a working quilt made of scraps and based on directions from Christina Camelli. I had it quilted with a pantograph pattern by a local longarm quilter just to get it out of my closet.

Here it is on the job, i.e. on my sofa ready for a lap. Usually my husband has it folded neatly and draped squarely in the middle of the sofa back, a look I hate.

The second one, “Aunt Harriet’s Handiwork,” I quilted in a spiral from the center. I used a narrow, single layer binding in blue. Since I prefer a skinny binding, I used a double fold one only on working quilts, like “Sunset.”

It features cyanotypes of my great aunt’s crocheted doilies and antimacassars. I think she would have enjoyed the bold colors, given her taste in wool yarn used in her afghans.


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8 responses to “Cleanup From 2019

  1. Jean Krusinski

    As it turns out, I have seen antimacassars in homes of older family members – when I was a child. I just never heard them called by that name. Too “fancy” for the foothills of the Appalachians. Here’s a fun article I found when I Googled the word:

  2. I love both of them! What a great idea, to translate the doilies into a large statement piece!
    I am doing the opposite of you this year, I am turning all my scraps into as many tops as possible. I want to tame them and get them into half-finished form at least! 🙂

  3. Two beautiful finishes. I have a tote full of vintage crochet pieces that you given me some great ideas.

  4. I remember the cyanotypes from your great aunt’s work. I am glad that you got it out and finished it. It really is lovely.

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