Color Added

I began my marks explorations with black and white as I reported last week, but soon added color. I have finally caught on that so-so surface designs are often improved with more layers, so I dug out a few pieces I had made in a Sue Benner thickened dye class with a eye to tarting them up a bit.

A rather haphazard squodge of red, blue and gold got another layer of yellow using torn freezer paper as a mask. I like how the somewhat transparent yellow turns the blue to turquoise.

On another piece I used a deformed empty toilet paper roll to add white on top of black bits. The result is probably best used cut up in bits.

I also added layers to my gelli plate experiments.

Enhanced with a white artist pen.

Finally, I created another fabric bowl with black and white printed canvas, sections cut out of really bad black and white mark making efforts, commercial fabrics, and hand dyed yellow fabric. I know I was influenced by clay pottery from the southwestern U.S. I saw at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


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6 responses to “Color Added

  1. Another great bowl. I especially like the masking and the transparency pieces and reading about how you achieved some of your the results, good or not so much (They all look pretty good to me.

  2. Layers and more layers…even bad pieces can sometimes turn into gems. It’s so much fun just playing with the paint and dye and inks. Using it? I don’t care too much about that. It’s the making process that thrills me!

    • I tend to use the uglies and hoard the prettiest, which is so counterproductive. Sometimes the process is fun, sometimes it’s frustrating. Trying to mark curves with a credit card was the latter.

  3. Very satisfying experiments! That bowl is great, and I like the others too. It will be interesting to see where they turn up in your work!

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