A National Treasure House

Thank goodness so many museum collections can be enjoyed on my computer. Otherwise I’d surely go stir crazy in these times. I recently discovered that the Smithsonian Institution has made its collection available digitally. That opens up almost 3 million items to view.

What did I search for first? That’s right, quilts. While there are many styles represented in the Smithsonian’s collection I was drawn to scrappy ones. Here are my favorites.

Scrap amish quilt that seems quite modern.
It’s not scrappy, but I found it an interesting variation of four patch and HSTs.
Off-center placement of the four swallows creates movement.
I like how each large block seems to hang from the one above.
Housetops quilt made with lots of little pieces.
A yoyo hexagon quilt. The pink is a bold choice.
This one is billed as Tennessee Circles.

If the Smithsonian isn’t enough for you, try some of these sites for visual delight:

Paris museums

Audubon’s Birds of America

Japanese illustrated books

Google Earth landscapes

Only good news

Historical photographs of China

Happy browsing. Please take care in these fraught times.


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4 responses to “A National Treasure House

  1. I’m excited about these opportunities, too. I have a friend, Pam Studstill, who has one of her quits in the Smithsonian collection, plus other museums and private collections. You can also see some of her work at the Artisans Gallery website – look under artists. It also shows her current ceramic work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, those quilts are amazing, so many pieces! Thanks for sharing them and the links. You and yours take care too.

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