Work Slowdown

The pace of the creative work I’m doing seems to match that of our economy right now. That’s because I’m doing hand sewing, not one of my stronger skills.

A few weeks ago I showed you set in circle blocks I made from various surface design experiments. They are now sewn together and I’m working on the quilting. I decided to hand quilt in each block, and then machine quilt the overall structure. Because I didn’t want all the thread starts and stops to show on the back, I elected to hand stitch through the top and wool batting only. Here you can see my batting with its join seam. Note the hand basting to secure the layers.

The machine quilting will go through these layers and the backing, and I hope it will be sufficient to hold it all together without shifting.

So far I’ve sewn around about half the shapes, and sewn down about a third of the bands across the shapes. I’m using a 12 weight neon green thread around the shapes and embroidery floss for the bands. The floss is from the stash of a longtime volunteer at the theatrical costume shop. It’s wound onto little cards with the color number attached. Would that my threads were so organized.

I think I’ll need to machine stitch each shape down around its edge for definition and stability. That is something I don’t look forward to doing.

The piece is called “Fortune and Fate,” because I see the shapes as talismans. According to Merriam-Webster, a talisman is “an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune.” Fingers crossed.

I’m linking of Off The Wall Fridays, and may even do the Corona Quilt-Along.


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5 responses to “Work Slowdown

  1. I like the mix of dark and light–and they fit the theme well.

  2. I like this very much. I always love the mix of hand and machine stitching. I’ll be curious to see how you like the results of the machine quilting around the “stone” but I am wondering what about the machine edge quilting causes you to not look forward to it.

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