Vertigo, Not Whiplash

Earlier I mentioned pieces that I kept pulling off my design wall to make room for work that was flowing more easily and I actually had a plan for. I estimate “Vertigo” was on and off the design wall at least four times, which is the whiplash part of my post’s title. The name itself comes from a viewer’s  initial reaction.

In this post I talked about photos I had printed on fabric. As is usually the case, I didn’t want to cut up my printed fabric so it languished in the closet. What better time than a pandemic to force oneself to stop viewing that fabric as too precious to use. I worked on the mirror fabric for a bit, but got truly stuck. I’ll save that one for another time. Then, I took my rotary cutter to the footbridge fabric. It began like this.

I guess all those straight lines made me think of curves, because that’s what I turned it into.

I added fabric from my mark making class and solid organic cottons, which are lovely to work with. Finally I got the curve I wanted and cut the sides to be mirror images. The middle took a bit more time as I auditioned fabrics.

While I like the notion of extending the built environment theme, there’s not enough contrast between the building and bridge images.

I’ve been trying to find a use for that pink/gray damask for years, but this isn’t it. Just too wishy-washy.

The color of the hand dyed fabric (a gift) I eventually chose evokes rust and the pattern is bold enough to contrast with the black and white. However, it needed something to keep the image from resembling the Eye of Sauron. At first the gray and white strip went straight down the middle, but on the advice of a perceptive friend I gave it a curve.

After all the angst of fabric choices construction was surprisingly easy. Big curves are much easier to sew than 4 inch ones. “Vertigo” now waits its turn in the quilting queue.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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8 responses to “Vertigo, Not Whiplash

  1. Norma Schlager

    So which did you choose? Personally I like the one with the skyscrapers in the center.

    • I went with the rust colored hand dye as it was strong enough to counter all the black and white. I really wanted the buildings to work, but the curves got lost and the contrast I wanted wasn’t there

  2. Gwyned

    So glad you screwed up your courage and cut the fabric. Fascinating what you thought to audition. Very revealing on how choices can make a big difference.

    • The fabrics I auditioned were

      a function of what I had on hand of appropriate size. And I realize I need to cut up a lot more fabric to get it used. I’m fine once the first cut is made.

  3. That’s cool. I think it would have been a difficult decision, maybe seeing the photos isn’t enough. I like all three but can understand why you continued your auditions. I’ll be interested in seeing, someday, who you approach the quilting.

    • I didn’t show all the fabrics I tried, just those with any potential. Right now my thoughts on quilting this are curves that echo the piecing on the outside, with some sort of criss cross in the middle. But quilting is not going to happen real soon.

  4. Barbara

    It has a roller coaster feel to it. And the center evokes danger. Love it. I, too, wold have had angst about cutting up that fabulous fabric!

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