My Sewing Machine Gets Used

Fear not, I still use my sewing machine for quilting. In between splashing paint and gluing magazine pages on paper I finished three fabric pieces.

First, “Suspended,” which I showed you before. It’s now all faced and even has a hanging sleeve (pats self on back.)

I did finish it vertically, but if someone wanted a horizontal orientation it’s easy to change.
Detail that shows how much painted and printed fabric I used.

Next, I made “Win-Win” on a whim. Actually, I wanted to avoid some FMQ, so I pulled out my donated felted wool scraps (thanks, Felice) and combined them with thickened dye painted cloth and needle felted wool squares that don’t play well with my other ones.

First, I quilted the background, then hand stitched the felt down.
I always loved the backing fabric, but could never find a way to use it. Better on the back than in the closet.

Finally, I tackled the FMQ and bulled my way through an untitled piece, informally called gray circles.

Lots of painting and printing, plus some last minute slashing and rearranging.
Detail of india ink and graphite.
Detail of painted areas.

I’d like your help with the untitled one. Obviously, it needs a name but I can’t come up with anything better than gray circles. An Instagram follower suggested “The Pink Line” but that doesn’t do it for me. Please send me any ideas you have. As I was making it I thought of industrial pollution (how cheery) and the oil tank fields I used to see on my way to the Philadelphia airport. Another inspiration was the color of oil on rain covered streets. I wanted to change my palette with this one and I certainly succeeded.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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16 responses to “My Sewing Machine Gets Used

  1. I may be too late to this naming party but here is my idea… Destination Interference. I like that piece and really like Suspended (either way).

  2. I’m no help with names, but I love Suspended. You got an amazing 3-D effect.

  3. Rebecca

    “the color of oil on rain covered streets”…Urban Rain?

  4. Felice Dahlhausen

    “Back to Polluted Waters”

  5. Barbara

    I am horrid at titles but the gray circles one has a spiritual vibe to me. I am not wearing my glasses and have a strong case of pareidolia (perceiving meaning in visually ambiguous or meaningless stimuli) For instance the pink square in the upper right corner makes me think of a holy card of a saint, or a madonna and child, I see an upturned hand on the left side, and the bubbles in water effect all contribute to a calming meditative effect The overlying grid puts it all a little out of reach. So, “longing for tranquility.”

  6. Freeway View is what comes to my mind. All of surface streets under the main freeway and the buildings and assorted things you see as you travel.

  7. Penny

    How about “Seen and Unseen”? Or ” The Murky Deep”? The colors are indeed a change of palette! Those painting classes must be influencing your color choices.

  8. I had a completely different feeling from this – rain in a fall garden. There’s just a hint of autumn colors, the bubbles/circles are the raindrops. Perhaps “Autumn Rain”, “Rain Drops in a Fall Garden”. Another idea “a Splash of Pink” or “Pink Streak in a Grey Sky”

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