Self-Imposed Deadlines

Maybe this whole Covid thing is messing with my attitude towards making quilts. I just can’t handle a blank design wall, so the minute one top is sewn together and off the wall I begin a new design project. These aren’t carefully planned and thought through projects, but made by slapping up whatever I find in my scraps, especially my sewn together bits.

My latest project, “Pieces of My Quilts,” is made of 264 2 inch scrap squares plus vanilla colored organic cotton that has the loveliest hand. I don’t usually count pieces, beads, buttons, or whatever; but I did count the squares since I am on a mission to use them up. For over 10 years I cut 2, 2.5, and 3 inch squares from leftover fabrics at the end of projects and stored them by color. Blame Bonnie Hunter. I found a sucker recipient for my larger squares, but still had all those 2 inch ones. At least 150 are left.

The binding is made from binding scraps.

It wasn’t planned, but I detect a bias towards purple.

The plan, such as it is, is based on a quilt by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr that I saw on Instagram. Theirs uses much larger blocks.

I had fun choosing the backing from new fabric I bought. It, too, feels silky smooth, which seems usual with Art Gallery products.

I hope that I won’t show you yet another newly made quilt next week. I need to get back to my collages and their negative spaces. I’m cropping 20 mini collages now and will then enhance them with lines, etc. The medium is different but the concepts are the same.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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8 responses to “Self-Imposed Deadlines

  1. Donna

    Boy, I am identifying with both the need to be constantly working on the next project design and the obsession with scraps. My favorite technique for using small scraps is Amanda Jean Nyberg’s scrap vortex so my scraps come in all sizes of rectangles. When I need something fun and inspirational, I open my scrap box and step into the “Vortex”. Check out Amanda’s Crazy Mom Quilts blog for her tutorial. I am a scrapaholic, but I am not yet interested in recovery.

    • It seems my process for scrappy sewing is something like the vortex. To speed things up I now use my intensely pieced sections sparingly, and intersperse solid sections with them. This also helps tone down the chaos and makes quilting a less bumpy experience. My current scraps issues is whether to pitch my really small scraps or sew them together, matching color families.

  2. Yes, yes, these boxes full of cut squares. I used all my collected scrappy squares during the pandemic to make two quilts. Love your design and the quilting, well done!

  3. Gwyned

    Dare I admit, I have a note in my scrap bin to cut squares? Never did it. Your quilt might be the impetus to finally tackle that project. Your layout is a delightful value study. Love the undulation and sense of ground vs. sky you have achieved.

    • Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you start cutting up squares. Though I will say they’ve been useful for making baby quilts. Yes, this quilt was meant as a value study to see if I’ve learned anything from my Jane Davies classes.

  4. gayle m coots

    I also was sucked into cutting those squares and have been picking away at using them this past year or so. I just can’t let scraps of fabric go….

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