Mini Collage Cropping Exercise

This week my Jane Davies class didn’t involve paint or paste, just cropping our collages. My fingernails thank me. Here’s what I posted to my class.

I’m showing only a few of the many cropping variations I tried. Some collages just didn’t look well cropped; others didn’t need it in my opinion. I felt that my collages with a mix of simple and complex shapes made for more interesting crops.

I used the cropping tools I’ve marked for cutting fabric motifs, which is why my photos show numbers and tick marks on the mat board edges. The reverse sides are too mucked up to use.

The collage below worked for close cropping. I ended up cropping out most of the white space.

The following group begins with the original collage, then works through five croppings. I like the lower right one the least as I’m drawn to diagonals and the lines in that one are mostly vertical. You can see how day and night affect the temperature of my lighting.

The next group also begins with the original collage. I find the first cropping to be least interesting, probably because it’s so close to the original.

Finally, I wondered what would happen if I extended the negative space to allow for highly angled cropping. I kept trying crops that didn’t work because I ran off the edges of my collages. (And some of those were my favorites.) The following two crops add more white space beyond the original collage edges. I think this could be useful if I wanted to base a larger composition on one of these crops. I would extend some of the shapes into the white area.

I can see using several of my collages as the basis for larger work, a great ready-made starting point for further what-ifs, and maybe the basis for a series.


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6 responses to “Mini Collage Cropping Exercise

  1. What an interesting exercise! It really opens up possibilities of new designs. I’ve seen people cut up old quilts and use them in new compositions as well. This gives me ideas!

  2. lapaylor

    thanks for this!!! I believe in cropping… just cropping my watercolor paintings for the blog makes an enormous difference. LeeAnna

  3. Another neat exercise. I really like the last pic and the idea of more (white) space around the design and the elements jetting from the side is very appealing to me. I can see how these would be very helpful for designing a larger piece. Thanks again for sharing.

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