A Round Up of Wrap Ups

As 2020 crawls to an end I can report that some of my ongoing projects are finished. My Mini Collage online class is done, and I have made progress in quilting pieced tops. The list I made in January has almost every item crossed off, though I have veered off course with some of those items and added others.

First, my latest batch of mini collages with marks added reflects my learning curve on the decorative – purposeful spectrum. A big lesson of this class is that nothing is too precious to save “for good.”

Some are still a bit OTT, but that’s the way I roll.

Next, I finished quilting “Dreaming of Spring,” one of my spur of the moment leftovers and scraps quilts.

“Dreaming of Spring” 31″ wide by 36″ high

“Vertigo” reached completion after much dithering on my part as to which way to orient it.

“Vertigo” 34″ wide by 30″ high

Finally, I had a surprise finish with “Off The Coast of Maine,” which is technically a quilt – 3 layers with batting. However, I made it by sewing together cut offs from finished quilts, painting the result with gesso and acrylic paint, and fusing photos and organza over it all. I had photos taken by my brother printed by Spoonflower.

“Off The Coast of Maine” 19.5″ wide by 25.5″ high

A photo of the back reveals how Frankenstein-ed together it is.

There are pieces from six different quilts in it. The green edge finish is fused on organza.

Next on my wrap up list is a top I made in 2011, which I’ve cut into two pieces. We’ll see if another project manages to elbow into the queue ahead of it.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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6 responses to “A Round Up of Wrap Ups

  1. Such great quilts! Way to go! Your little collages are so fun!

  2. Jane Herbst

    Loving this latest quilt show of yours, Joanna! Your mini-collages are quite inspiring, as I move along my “no pins, just try it” journey.. Each time I see “Dreaming of Spring” I feel an invitation to step in and explore. “Off the Coast of Maine” is another invitation to explore, and gives me a timely reminder that quilt cutoffs are good for so much more than testing stitches. I totally love “Vertigo” and understand your “dither.” “Opening Up” from your give-away presented the challenge of not seeming to have an “up” direction. I resolved the “dither” by stitching small rings on the back along each side so I can use a small rod to hang the piece any orientation as the spirit moves. So far I’ve rotated it 5 times in the last 3 months. I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of your queue next! Be well.

  3. Wow, this felt like going to a little quilt show! I think they show the many ways you have expanded your portfolio and honed skills over time. I’ve always said you have a great eye for composition and I think that is evident in these pieces. I especially like “Off the Coast of Maine” and your use of organza. Your mini collage pieces are very inspiring too.

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