Material Collaboration

My latest mixed media creation is built with materials supplied by friends. I just arranged them, added a few leaves and did some sewing.

“With Little Help From My Friends” began with a monoprint swap with a friend. The leaf print set the theme, and I created more leaves from parts of other swapped monoprints. Two organza leaves I had left over from an old project joined them.

I kept machine sewing to a minimum as I didn’t want the paper to come apart. Most of the leaves have just one seam, though the center cluster has more stitching as it is heavy paper. I used colored pencils and markers to alter some of the colors and add leaf veins. I couldn’t resist trying out my new gold Posca marker.

“With A Little Help From My Friends” 14.5″ square

The base is scrap felt from another friend, and the loosely woven gray-brown strip came from my costume designer friend. He had set aside this hand dyed remnant for me. I used some of the raveled thread from it for embroidery. To cap it all, the backing is woven tailor’s interfacing that came from my mother’s sewing supplies. I held onto it for years, thinking I’d return to tailoring, but I’m happy it’s found a place in my art.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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10 responses to “Material Collaboration

  1. Love it! Mixed media is great!

  2. I love leaves and this is lovely. I think it is one of those pieces that would be even better in person. And so nice to work (play) with elements and fabrics from others.

  3. A beautiful representation of my favorite season. It’s always so interesting to hear about how a piece comes to be. I enjoy seeing your work so very much. I love the piece you were so generous in sharing with me – it is my creative motto. Thank you – Take Care, Kay

  4. cjlk2012

    I agree with Doreen…great story…with so much meaning to the various elements.

  5. Doreen

    What a great story! Many times the story behind the art is just as interesting as the art itself. Thanks for sharing.

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