Last Week I Was So Bored I …

Made a postcard for the local art museum.

Parted my hair on the other side.

Started quilting a nine year old UFO after I cut it in two.

Ode on a Macedonian Urn

Watched lots of vintage screwball comedies – My Man Godfrey, Nothing Sacred, To Be Or Not To Be, Ball of Fire, and counting.

Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper in Ball of Fire

Colored wallpaper.

Black and white wallpaper and Posca pens

Deleted unwanted photos from Google Photos, spurred by a notice that free storage would be capped in June 2021.

The tally after clean up

What has boredom inspired you to do?

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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9 responses to “Last Week I Was So Bored I …

  1. Rebecca Grace

    Hah! I WISH I had limited myself to experimenting with a different part in my boredom! Instead, I went to my hairdresser and demanded a radically different, VERY short haircut that I now realize doesn’t suit me. I feel like I belong in a Subaru commercial, and I am grateful that I will be able to hide out at home while it grows out because everything is still canceled! :-). Your Macedonian Urn project came out great and I love your postcard, too.

  2. Donna50

    I’ve been bored since August. At least one positive outcome is that all the gifts were wrapped yesterday so I am free to relax and enjoy? the Season today and tomorrow. I’ve listened to all my Christmas music and watched a couple of my favorite Christmas movies. I am saving Elf for tomorrow. New Year’s resolution is turning quilt tops into finished quilts. My scattered COVID year resulted in as many new tops to quilt as finished quilt projects. I love your post card. My quilt friends and I have been exchanging fabric cards since June. I love the opportunity to create something small that I can share with a friend. Merry Christmas to all. Hoping for a COVID free 2021.

  3. This is such a fun post! The postcard is clever and I love the wallpaper. Your hair looks nice though I don’t know how it looked on the other side. I haven’t been bore, I’d call it more scattered. Started too many “to be continued” projects, one of them being pulling out an old wip holiday, hand applique, quilt top (I love it but it went right back in the cupboard!). I have given myself eight haircuts, and I, too, flipped my part; I asked my daughter, she vetoed it, LOL. I’d like to see both sides of the piece you cut in two. Will the other piece be finished or maybe added to something else, cut in more pieces? I’s very curious.The one (part) pictured looks like it would be fun to quilt. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. I haven’t been bored, though I have been procrastinating. To avoid doing the “have to” thing, I have pulled fabric for 2021 projects, went on a shopping spree at my LQS on my birthday, watched some Christmas movies, baked a cake, and started cleaning & organizing my creative space. The “have to” isn’t going anywhere, and I made an executive decision that it can wait until after Christmas. Merry Christmas

    • I completely understand your executive decision. This year has been one of artificial deadlines for me, except for a few shows that have for-real ones. You’ve already pulled fabric for next year’s projects! All I have for 2021 is a list of stuff to finish.

  5. It wasn’t out of boredom, but one year I did cut up a Christmas quilt (wallhanging) and had some fun with it. Now it’s a favorite quilt, so that’s a win, right? You’ve had some fun being bored lately. Pretty risky, though, parting your hair on the wrong side. Haha! Merry Christmas!

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