I Was Serious About The Glue

In my last post I stated that less of my future work would actually be sewn, and I am making good on that. The piece I’m now quilting is made of fabric fused to felt, with edges left raw. I composed the piece on my design wall, then transferred it to the felt (already covered with fusible) and ironed the fabric down.

I found a wool throw blanket made a good ironing surface.

It was certainly easier than sewing seams, though I had to stop myself from automatically leaving seam allowances as I cut the fabric pieces. At least half the fabric used was printed/painted/dyed by me.

Once the ironing was done, here’s what I had.

It seemed a bit empty in the middle, so I added snippets of colorful felt.
I’m trying a vertical orientation to see how that looks.

So far I’ve quilted zigzag white lines that connect the lines in the outer sections, and I plan to use variegated thread in a rectangular spiral (I hope you understand that) for the central area. The rest of the quilting is to be announced.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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10 responses to “I Was Serious About The Glue

  1. Gwyned

    Clearly you are having fun. I love how you have combined commercial and handmade fabrics. The bold white string-like fabric is that unexpected pop that brings piece to life.

    • I am fortunate I don’t need to make a living from this but do it for fun. Otherwise I’d be panhandling. The string like fabric is a photo of a shattered mirror I manipulated and had printed on fabric.

  2. I love this idea! Now to go read the previous post about the glue.

  3. Barbara

    Beautiful! Shades of my favorite color. Great movement. I bet it is way faster to produce.

    • As you probably have noticed, the turquoise/aqua/teal color ways are a fave of mine. You certainly spend little time actually sewing, but the fusing can be fiddly. And you have to be okay with a bit of fraying.

  4. Your fabrics and composition are great and I love the colors. I’m curious – How did you transfer it from your design wall to the fused felt? Did you take a photo for reference or was it easier than it looks, kinda puzzle piecing? What size needle do you use for this type of project? Thanks.

    • Thanks. I took a photo and used that to reassemble the pieces on my tabletop. They are large pieces, so the process wasn’t onerous. I’m using size 12 and 14 needles to go with the thickness of my quilting thread. Felt is a joy to sew through.

  5. Rebecca Grace

    What a fabulous fabric mix, and I’m so intrigued by your new affinity for glue and where it will lead you! I’ve just recently started to embrace the Elmer’s School Glue after holding out for so many years. Baby steps, right? Sometimes we just need to learn the rules, and then go ahead and start breaking them when they get in the way of a creative vision. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one comes together for you!

    • I am still a fan of gluing down my bindings and then ironing over them to set the Elmer’s before sewing. However, I don’t bother with small pieces. I am feeling my way through the quilting on this one, though the density of the felt means there’s little loft.

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