Since I can quilt only 30 minutes a day right now because I’m trying to fix a pinched nerve in my neck (the massage is the best part of physical therapy) and my output is minimal, I’ll give you inspiration from Greece. More specifically, some of my brother’s photos taken on his recent sailing trip there. I’ve opted for scenes I think would inspire an art quilt, so historically important sites are mostly missing.

I hope to return to sewing next week.


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17 responses to “Opa!

  1. I must have been out of town when you first posted these, because usually I never miss one of your posts!
    Your brother has a great eye for a photograph; I like how he shoots all kinds of subjects, and from all angles.

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  3. Get well soon! Great photos, thanks for sharing

  4. Rebecca

    What wonderful pictures! Apparently, an eye for art runs in the family.

    Oh, and I am jealous of sailing around Greece! Is it a private boat, or commercial? I used to sail, long ago.

    • I will pass your comment along to my brother. The sailboat was chartered by a sailing club my brother belongs to. I gather Greece reopened to tourists about two weeks before his trip.

  5. Jane E Herbst

    Great photos, Joanna! Thank you and your brother for sharing. I definitely see potential fiber-art pieces in these, especially the sails and the steps. Good luck continuing to adapt to the realities of the nerve-pinch. Fortunately, with your talents and imagination you have many options for creative expression.

  6. Barbara Lynn Lockwood

    Love the balance and composition in the first sail pic. They are all great pictures but that one is outstanding..

  7. So sorry to hear you are dealing with a pinched nerve. Don’t these injuries/events make us appreciate better health! Thanks to you and your brother for sharing these photos, they are very inspiring. Oh that blue sky! I hope you are healed soon.

    • Alas, the nerve thing is a part of my life now, and the PT is to help me deal with it. But…part of the path to wellness is to limit activities that aggravate the pain, like sewing. Glad you liked my brother’s photos.

  8. Penny Bruce

    I can just see you planning a quilt from those closeups of the sails, Joanna! In the meantime, there’s plenty of collage inspiration in those gorgeous photos. Love the one with the stairs to the sky!

  9. gladiporsche

    Wow! These photos are absolutely beautiful!! Really makes me want to travel there! Thanks for sharing.

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