My Sky Is Fenced In

A few weeks ago I showed my progress on a fabric collage of a cloudy sky. At that point I had quilted the sky in place and overlaid a fence on it. The fence is now sewn down and shaded, and the facing and hanging sleeve are on. In fact, “Dreams of Freedom” is completely done.

“Dreams of Freedom” 20.5″ high by 29″ wide
I used Neocolor II water soluble oil pastels to shade the fence.
The raw edges of the sky fabrics make me think of the wisps at cloud edges.

I am almost completely caught up with my fabric work. The boring details of “Urban Decay” will get finished today, and my queue has just my family photos series and an improv bit I slapped on the design wall yesterday. It’s an unusual situation for me, and a bit intimidating. Now I can’t use unfinished work as an excuse not to design new work. Though I have an idea for a sailboat…

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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13 responses to “My Sky Is Fenced In

  1. Doreen

    Wow!!! Love the addition of the pastels. It really made the piece.

  2. I love all the different tones and textures in the fence. It balances the beautiful sky without overpowering it. As always, so much of interest to look at!

  3. Penny

    The title of this piece seems especially poignant as thousands of desperate Afghanis try to frantically escape the clutches of the Taliban. Visually stunning, too, Joanna!

  4. Wow, what a difference you made with the pastels. I think it is great. I’m impressed with all you have made and finished. My (adult) daughter said it looks like a safety fence over the Grand Canyon. I’ll add that this is the daughter whose older brother pulled her back at the Grand Canyon, when the toes of her shoes were just over the edge! Thanks for the memories!

  5. Seeing the progress from the beginning on this has been quite instructive. You’ve taken it from “Well, okay” to “Oh my.” Thank you for documenting all this. On a different note, I’m someone who usually finishes one project before attempting the next, but I’m thinking about what that next project will be. (And once I start again, I’m at my favorite part: pulling out all my fabric to see what I’ll play with next!)

    • I write about my process so I have a record. Usually I have three projects going – one at the concept stage, one being made, and one being finished. If course the concept stage is the most fun.

  6. Barbara Haugen

    Love it!

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