Sending Out An SOS

Last week I noted in passing that I was working on an improv quilt. This week I’m surprised to report that I’ve finished the design part of said quilt. The lengths I’ll go to avoid difficult projects never cease to amaze me.

As I’ve written before, I have lots of scraps. My latest improv work made me confront the extent of my scrap collections. Of course I have cotton scraps arranged by color, with separate piles for strips. But I also have scrap collections of silks, organzas, and fused fabrics. Then there are the bits and bobs I have been subjecting to surface design experiments. Oh, and the shiny costume bits, but they don’t count because they were given to me.

Since my hot off the design wall piece contains scraps from three of my collections (cotton, organza, fused) plus surface design experiments, I am calling it “SOS” for Save Our Scraps.

SOS, about 35″ high by 32″ wide

The common theme is circles: polka dot fabric, inset circles, circles on fabric, and appliqued circles. I hadn’t planned to add the appliqued circles, but I felt something more was needed once all the pieces got sewn (with partial seams no less.) It all began with a scrap fabric pull, as my usual way to begin improv quilts is with a color palette. After I embraced the circle theme of the print turquoise fabric, I framed two feather prints and turquoise painted white on white fabric using the 6 minute circle technique.

Once I decided on appliqued circles I pulled out my high tech templates and my fused scraps and got to work.

Good thing I stopped at three sizes

The backing is pieced and the batting cut. Now all I need is a quilting design. I’m thinking about overlapping circles or maybe one big one.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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18 responses to “Sending Out An SOS

  1. Margaret Sears

    Exquisite! I love the color palette.

  2. Barbara

    I love the depth you have achieved with overlapping planes, something you seem to be quite adept at. I would quilt it to enhance that aspect. Another brilliant quilt

  3. Norma Schlager

    I do like this piece, also one of my favorite color combos and way of piecing.

  4. Wow, what you have done with scraps, taking all those bits and making a cohesive flow and balance, very inspiring. I love your color combination and the surface “textures” (I zoomed in on my phone). I look forward to seeing how you quilting and finish it.

    • I love the limitations imposed by scraps. Make it work becomes my mantra. Those textures are from monoprinting. Alas, the paint and ink make the fabric stiff and I need to be careful when ironing it.

  5. jennyklyon

    I absolutely love this quilt!

  6. Beth

    Love what you have done!!

  7. This is another gorgeous piece – love the colors.

  8. Donna

    I’m liking this a lot!.

  9. Oh, I love it! Great colours!

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