Full Sail

I am lucky to have a brother who travels around the world and takes lots of photos of the places he visits. His sailing trip around Greece led to a bumper crop of great photos, which I shared with you a few months ago. I used one of his photos to develop a quilt of a billowing sail.

Because I loved the curved lines so much I didn’t really change the image, but just translated it into fabric. I began with tracing the lines from a black and white print of the photo above. Then I took it to a copy shop to get an enlargement. I could have, and should have, used the old fashioned grid enlargement method, but I thought the shop would be easier and faster. Alas, I was wrong.

The shop was crowded with clueless people who needed the sole staff person’s help. When my turn came I gave the staff person the enlargement size I wanted – 24 by 36 inches – and she sent it to the oversize printer. She gave me my copy, I paid, and went home.

There I discovered that the enlargement was 18 by 24 inches, smaller than I had asked for. I had been so eager to leave the store I didn’t check the measurements. Yes, I could have returned to the store, but I gave it up as a lesson learned.

So, my top started as 18 by 24 inches, which is okay as I didn’t have as much of the hand dyed blue fabric as I thought. I used the enlargement to create freezer paper templates of the large pieces, which I ironed to my fabrics and cut out the pieces. You can see this process below. All the extra lines on the drawing are for the quilting.

Top: photo enlargement; right: black and white of original image; bottom: cut out pieces with templates attached

Matching some of the bits was fiddly, as it’s been a while since I’ve done precision piecing. The top is done and awaits quilting. I plan to use heavy threads for the ropes and lines in the sails, following the lines in my original drawing.

I’m hoping to get motivated for the quilting, but I continue to fuss with my lost family piece, as well as print off many ugly monoprints.

I am linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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10 responses to “Full Sail

  1. terryaskeartquilts

    I love the point of view! This will be a great art quilt!

  2. That is so very cool! Your brother is a fabulous photographer.

  3. Jane Herbst

    Beautiful, Joanna!! That blue is absolutely yummy!!!! I see how the quilting could go several directions depending on whether you are going realistic or abstract or in between. Maybe thicker threads couched for the lines/ropes? I am currently using the grid method of enlargement on a new design. As always it is work but I’ve already found some “issues” I didn’t see with the original smaller drawing so I know it’s time well spent. You have such a good brother to keep sending you inspirations for your art!!

  4. Ha, I had that same experience at the copy place, only, I was the person trying to use the machine! The lines are great in this photo and you have translated them in fabric perfectly (that blue is delicious). I can’t imagine how you would quilt it. Staying tuned for when it happens.

  5. Wow, this process just looks so complicated, for such a “simple” subject. But the piece looks great! I look forward to seeing it with all the lines.

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