So Close

Over the past week I have diligently quilted “Full Sail” so I’d have something to talk to you about. Well, it’s almost done, but I want to be sure I’ve done all the quilting I think it needs before I face the edges.

“Full Sail” approximately 18 by 26 inches

I chose to stick close to my source photo for the quilting lines rather than go off piste clever. KISS and all that. By my count I used eight different threads ranging from off white to steel gray. Most were 50 weight, though one was a 12 weight. For most of the stitching I used the basic machine stitch, though I changed up to a denim stitch for some of the ropes. For the blue sections I threw in some light blue rayon thread for variety, and changed the line spacing a bit.

My big should I/shouldn’t I question is whether to add more quilting to the sail on the right side. Right now it’s the least quilted section, and I like the way the sail seems to billow. I think it’s a good contrast to the more tethered center sail. Maybe I just need to add more to the dark section. Feel free to comment.

Sail on right side.

Here’s more detail shots.

The center sail
Changes in line spacing

In earlier posts I forgot to mention that much of the fabric I used was hand dyed by Vicki Welsh. I want to give credit where it’s due.


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12 responses to “So Close

  1. It’s so lovely and your quilting really give the sail movement.

  2. The contrast between densely quilted and barely quilted mirror the high contrast between the blue sails and the white. This brings unity to the piece.

    • Thanks for a logical explanation of why different densities of quilting can enhance a piece. Back in the day when I entered shows with judges I sometimes received comments that there should be more quilting. Often I wanted the contrast, but my intent didn’t come across.

  3. Barbara

    I love the way the quilting on the large sail hints at how much of it isn’t showing. Brilliant.

  4. I agree with you – it billows and I won’t add more. I think it is great. I wonder if your brother has seen it, and if so, what he thinks.

  5. gayle m coots

    Love as is. Wouldn’t you loose some of that wonderful sense of billowing with additional lines??

  6. Mary Jackson

    Perfect as it is.

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