Playing With A New To Me Supply

I’ve mentioned before that I’m enrolled in a mixed media class called Wanderlust. The idea is to learn to use several mixed media materials that are considered staples. We’ve run through gessos and image transfers. Now we’re doing modeling paste.

While I had seen modeling paste mentioned in more craft oriented mixed media publications, I had ignored it. I didn’t see it being applicable to fabric (in all senses.) Now that I’ve expanded my universe to paper I’m trying it out.

Of course there are several weights of the stuff – light, regular, heavy. No art supply is ever simple. Since the class focuses on art journals we need to use the lighter weight. Otherwise no one could close their journal. All the instructors compare it to cake icing in terms of texture and spreadability. In a nutshell, you spread it on paper with something like a palette knife and then stamp on it or score it with tools. You can also apply it through a stencil. The base color is white, but it can be tinted with about any kind of paint – acrylic, watercolor, gouache, or ink.

Here are my efforts so far.

Watercolor paper, cocktail napkin, tinted modeling paste, cheesecloth, acrylic paint.
Prestretched canvas, modeling paste applied through two stencils, collaged paper, Posca pens, acrylic paint
Gel plate image transfers, acrylic ink, collage papers, modeling paste stamped with foam stamp

I’m working now on tinting the paste, and stamping it with watercolor painted stamps. You get an impressionistic effect. Here’s a trial sample.

Maybe I’ll try it on fabric, though I think a heavier type like canvas would be best. You certainly couldn’t stitch over it as it dries hard, so perhaps it could be a final layer. More discoveries await me.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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8 responses to “Playing With A New To Me Supply

  1. I enjoyed looking at your samples! They have an interesting balance of colors, textures, shapes, and scale.

    • I do love adding texture by methods other than stitch. It gets tricky to figure out how to integrate fabric and mediums such as modeling paste, obviously for a display only piece.

  2. Oh, your samples look fun! I especially like your tinted and watercolor stamped pieces. I love texture paste and have used it on several projects – even applying it to soft silk.

    • Thanks. How did you stitch on the silk you used texture paste on, or did you apply the paste after stitching?

      • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I have used texture paste on silk and then wrapped the silk around a bottle. I like the idea of using it on fabric and then stitching around it – I haven’t tried that yet but it’s got me thinking!

      • That’s right, you do those miracles with bottles that make them look like antiquities. I was more prosaically thinking of how to stitch around a hard surface.

  3. Always fun to learn new techniques, use “new-to-me” materials/supplies, and just play with the possibilities.

    • I don’t know how well modeling paste plays with fabric, but it seems to work well on pre-stretched canvas. It amazes me to learn about the diversity of art materials available.

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