This Quilt Needs A Name

I have a name in mind early on for most of the fabric work I create. But not always. I am sewing down facing on the latest piece I quilted and still haven’t come up with a good name.

Unnamed quilt
Just waiting for the right name.

It is the love child of two earlier quilts, “Vertigo” and “Staircase.” The latter isn’t quilted yet, but is next in my queue.

“Staircase” (the upper left corner is still unresolved)

I’ve thought of Split pea leftovers, Which way, and Thataway; but none really grabs me. So, I ask for your suggestions in hopes that fresh eyes will discern better possibilities. I can’t promise to choose one of your ideas, but I can promise new ideas will lead to a fitting title.

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36 responses to “This Quilt Needs A Name

  1. Beth H- I Have a Notion

    The left side makes me think of the architecture of a steel or iron beamed bridge, and on the left the buoys, piers, and channel markers in a river or estuary… so maybe a name that includes a waterway or a bridge near you?

  2. kjk9x

    Maybe Facets? The left reminds me of an exploding diamond or perhaps a four dimensional cube, both of which has lots of faces and views.

  3. Paula Sheron

    The quilt is beautiful. I first thought of ‘Shattered” when I saw it.

  4. Jane Herbst

    I very much like the movement of the piece. Does it change the balance if you rotate 90 degrees clockwise? You have certainly sparked interest with your name dilemma! Similar to Diane’s “Fracture” idea I keep thinking of Fragments … Diamond Fragments? Step Fragments or Fragmented Steps (referencing the Staircase “parent”)?

    • Rotating the quilt isn’t a change for the better, but it’s always good to try options. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m reaching the point where I have names for as yet unmade quilts.

  5. Mary Jackson

    I’ve just realised that your quilt ‘Vertigo’ looks like another London iconic building which everyone calls The Gherkin. You’ll see why if you have a look. Maybe that’s why The Shard occurred to me when I looked at your unnamed quilt.
    Must admit I am enjoying following this thread. You certainly have some good suggestions and maybe a whole new series of quilts will follow.

    • I see what you mean. Maybe it was that pond scum green color that made you think of the Gherkin. Apparently my subconscious was channeling London architecture as I haven’t been to London since those buildings went up. I am overwhelmed with great choices for a name. Don’t know if a series will ensue as I think I’m all out of the fabrics I used and I am on a mission to use what I have.

  6. Interesting, one of my thoughts was also Diamonds in the Rough. However, I see the large section on the right as a traffic light and the quilt does feel like an urban landscape. So, ultimately I am suggesting Look Both Ways. Fascinating piece that does have me looking right, left and back again.

  7. And my late contribution to the name game–City Limits ’cause to me it looks like urban space moving out into the country. Have fun making a choice!

  8. My first thought was Rough Cuts. Second was Cut to the Chase – reminds me of crazy adventure films chase scenes. Really like others that have been posted – Urban Facets and Shards. It’s a great piece.

  9. How about Twilight Zone as not sure which way is up?

  10. Diane Bird

    I give up. I tried posting my suggestion multiple times and it didn’t work. Operator error, Im sure. Anyway my suggestions are Falling Up and Fractured or Fractures or some other form of fracture.

    Really enjoyed seeing you yesterday,



    • I thought I posted one earlier too, then thought it was so bad Snarky removed it, LOL. Trying again… Abstract Paths

      • Ann, I never edit out comments unless they are obviously bot generated or filled with hate and invective, which has never happened. Maybe some temporary WordPress glitch? Thanks for the suggestion.

    • It was great to see you after way too long. Thanks for your suggestions. I just posted a test comment and didn’t run into issues, so I don’t know if WordPress is messing with the comments function. Up to now I’ve not heard of problems posting comments, but if someone found they couldn’t, then I wouldn’t have.

  11. The two names which it elicited from me were Urban Facets and then Shards, and I see I am in good company with Mary Jackson!

  12. Penny

    “Prisms”? “La Soupe de Louvre”? It made me think of that pyramidal structure there.

  13. Felice Dahlhausen

    Cubic Entry

  14. Cherie Moore

    Art in the Park jumped into my mind as soon as I saw your new piece. Reminds me of a sculpture park. I love it!

  15. Mary Jackson

    Shards ?

  16. Rebecca Chianese

    Diamonds in the rough. Rebecca Chianese

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