A Lovely Parting Gift

It’s hard to say goodbye to a friend who is moving many hours away. I know, it could be much further away, with visits possible only by cross country or ocean trek. Still, the easy spontaneity of living a mere 20 minutes from each other will be gone.

Since we are both arty types of course we gave each other handmade farewell gifts. I created (with the help of Shutterfly) a book of my friend’s photos she had shared with me. In return she created a mixed media piece she called “Expecting to Fly.”

“Expecting to Fly”

And it was accompanied by a handmade card.

Thank heavens email and Instagram make it easily possible to continue to share our artistic journeys. Alas, they aren’t so good for seeing shows in person and talking over each piece. I’ll miss you P.


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10 responses to “A Lovely Parting Gift

  1. Jane Herbst

    I am so sorry P is moving, Joanna! It’s hard at any age! The gift and card are lovely, and will, we hope, help to trigger good memories each time you look at them.

    • The ironic thing is that in the past I’m the one that’s moved away.

      • Jane Herbst

        I understand that irony! In my first 22 years I lived 8 places, but just 4 places in the past 44. As a child I learned how to settle in new homes and make new friends. As an adult, especially since 1984 when we moved to our present home, I learned how to say goodbye to those who moved away. We’re hoping our next move — our 3-story house on 2 acres is starting to become too much to handle — with any luck we’ll find something close enough that neighbors are the only goodbye.

      • Good luck on finding new accommodation that accommodates aging in place.

  2. What lovely gifts! Sorry your friend is moving. I went through that couple of years ago and unfortunately we have really fallen out of touch.

  3. Aw, that is sad. Thanks for sharing P’s wonderful and thoughtful artwork.


    Joanna,I just saw your post after a morning spent cleaning, and do I ever feel honored to be your friend!  And of course, I’m in tears.  What a sweet send-off, and yes I will miss you, too.  We both have pieces of each other’s work we can enjoy every day for those times when we’re not talking or emailing, and that will really help with adjusting to a new place.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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