Happy Accidents

Sometimes I decide to combine a collection of my painted/printed/altered fabric parts just to see if I can make them work together. Typically, I have no plan, not even a sketch. It’s a highly inefficient way to create, but I find it fun. Plus, it takes my mind off of any real world worries.

My latest mashup began with a naughty Roomba. I had unleashed it in my bedroom where it’s great for under the bed vacuuming. Unfortunately, I had stored a large sheet of lacy handmade paper between cardboard there, and the Roomba managed to mangle it thoroughly before I rescued it. Amazingly, the paper didn’t rip, but it was much softer. Figuring I couldn’t do any more damage, I colored it with Marabu fabric spray and decided I had to use it. It became a big part of “Happy Accidents.”

“Happy Accidents,” 29″ by 42″ (the color is off as we’ve had nothing but clouds since I finished) Except for the paper, which is hand stitched down, everything is either machine pieced or fused.

Among the bits I used were an old sheet that I used for painting (with thermofax printing,) monoprinted silk and linen, painted linen, painted PatternEase, bit of old curtain, muslin dress pattern, and ancient batik. There also Zen Chic and Grunge dot commercial fabrics.

Base layer with a few additions
One of many intermediate arrangements
Detail of fabric monoprinting, thermofax printing, PatternEase
Detail of batik I made in 1993, muslin dress pattern with thermofax printing
Detail of gel printed leaves on linen

I grant you the combination is a bit overwhelming even though I removed some of the circles in the editing process. But more is more, right? Now that’s out of my system and I can try to actually plan ahead for my next project.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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10 responses to “Happy Accidents

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  2. Linda

    Love this! So inspiring.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the process pieces. I think it is a wonderful piece, especially after reading about the Roomba attack! “Plan ahead,” I should learn that concept.

    • Thanks for the video. I see a whole new meme developing, though one probably exists already. The plan ahead comes from from year long course from Elizabeth Barton. We had to develop sketches and have them reviewed before we proceeded with each month’s assignment. She was right, but sometimes I just like to mess around.

  4. Jane Herbst

    Wow! Great exuberance! Definitely the first Roomba-inspired art I have ever seen. I love how your mind works, Joanna! My brain still wants at least a bit of structure in most of my wall-pieces, but occasionally I have fun with doing without planning, trying without restrictions, and following the question “What would happen if …” with action.

  5. Judy CAmpbell

    Just plain magical+!

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