My Quilts – 2015 to 2018

Time is indeed relative. I find it hard to believe I’ve been posting photos of my work since 2012.

December 2018

Flower Power

November 2018

Church Windows is 39 by 57 inches.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is churchwindowsweb.jpg

Twinkle, Twinkle is 40 by 47 inches.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is twinkletwinkleweb.jpg


October 2018

Where has the time gone? I seem to have only one finish this month, but have hopes for November.

The Ohio and Erie Canal, 19 by 29 inches.

September 2018

“Rococo” made it back from the longarm quilter and got a facing early in the month. This silk piece measures 30 by 35 inches.

August 2018

Finally worked out the quilting on “All Decked Out,” which is about 40 inches square.

July 2018

“Primary Directive” is based on the primary colors, and grew from leftover sewn together bits. It’s 26 by 43 inches.

“Mining Copper” is based on 1 to 1.5 inch strips and bits I had left over from a workshop, plus ribbons and washers. It’s all raw edges and is 19 by 21 inches.

June 2018

Talk about opposites! Here are my June finishes.

Sur La Table (about 41 inches square)


Sunset on Main (about 16 by 22 inches)

May 2018

I finished two lap quilts just in time for warmer weather – “Trip Around Columbus” (55 inches square) and “Damask and Denim” (44 by 55 inches.)

March-April 2018

Only “Big Red” (28.5 by 39 inches) made it to the finish line.

February 2018

I finished my bullseye series with “Crazy Bullseyes,”

and “Bullseye Bubbles.”

January 2018

This month I completed my Nancy series with “Not Quite Nancy,” 36 by 47 inches.

I also finished the first of my bullseye series, “Bloodshot Bullseyes.”

December 2017

My month’s finish (and possibly the final finish of 2017) was “So Not Nancy.” It measures 34″w by 36″l.

November 2017

My first and last finish in November was “Feathering My Next,” for an art quilt group challenge. Size is 14 by 17.5 inches.

October 2017

“In The Weeds” (22 by 29″) got finished.

Parts of my Nancy series also reached the finish line.

“Nearly Nancy” (24.5 by 29.5″)

“Nod To Nancy” (19.5 by 25.5″)

September 2017

My completions this month were:

“Redlined” (24 by 32″)

“Wayside Weeds” (37.5 by 16.5″)

“Nebula” (20 by 28″)



August 2017

Several pieces got finished this month.

“Mean Streets”

“A Grand Day Out” (24 by 36 inches)

“Winter Fields” (26.5 by 47 inches)

“Rick Rack” (36 by 46 inches)

May 2017

“The Memory Jar” was my response to a UFO exchange challenge. It’s 17.5 by 23.5 inches.

April 2017

Procrastination is still my default mode for quilting difficult projects. However, I did complete “Repurpose/Resurface,” which uses lots of my painted/dyed/stamped fabrics. It finished at 34.5 by 26.5 inches.

Repurpose Resurface


Late February/Early March 2017

Small projects got done as I procrastinated on important ones.

The theme for my guild’s annual challenge this year was Beatles’ songs. I chose Paperback Writer and had fun getting graphic with Baby’s In Black. Per the challenge rules, it measures 18 by 24 inches.

Then, leftovers from The Smokies turned into Lattices. It’s 14.5 by 17.5 inches.

February 2017

Work I began in January got wrapped up. First, The Smokies, a faux torn paper piece that measures 20 by 25 inches.

the-smokiesI also finished Getting Brighter, one of my scrap quilts. It’s 31.5 by 27.5 inches.


January 2017

I began the new year with a few finishes, mostly small scrap quilts. I worked with my yellow, black and gray scraps; though I generously define yellow.

Mostly Black and Blue is based on an already pieced block that incorporates black, gray, blue, and red.


Pointing Toward Lavender works the purple side of gray and the rust side of yellow, and is about 21 inches square.  The circle fabrics are pieces left from a paper pieced quilt called 12 Carat Diamond.


The big finish for the month was Look At The Birdie, which is mostly paper pieced. It measures 36 by 52 inches.


December 2016

Golden is a 28 by 35 inch mixed media piece made of tissue paper and cotton and silk fabric. I stenciled trees on some of the tissue paper and cotton.

Golden 2016

My color wash quilt is finally completed. It measures 72 inches square.



November 2016

Two pieces finished in November! First, Unfolding, a project from my master class. It is 25 inches square and features painted silk organza.

unfolding-2Second is Distilled, another master class project, which finished at 30 inches square.


October 2016

The Language of Pink Elephants is the closest to finished of pieces I’m working on. I just need to sew down the facing so I call it done. It was made for my master class, uses pink silk bias strips, and measures 30.5 inches by 42.5 inches.


August 2016

Another month with just one finish – It’s All About Me.

August2016 JMM final

July 2016

I managed to get to the finish line with Connect the Dots. It was hard for me to get to the visual from the idea for it, and I had some oopsies that mar the look a bit.


June 2016

I used set aside painted tissue paper and interfacing to make Should Trees Have Standing? for an art group challenge. It’s backed with wool/rayon felt, and the trees are covered with dyed silk organza, and is 22 by 18 inches.


May 2016

Three for May, yay!

Flaming OutFlaming Out (16 inches by 19.5 inches)

Z Is For ZoomZ Is For Zoom (19.5 inches by 31.5 inches)

Marsh In SpringTidal Marsh In Spring (13.5 inches by 31 inches)

April 2016

With health issues impeding my quilting, output has really dwindled. I did complete Torii Traces, which finished at 31 by 39 inches.

Torii Traces Final

February 2016

I finished my February Master Class quilt on time. Heading Home was my response to the month’s prompt of movement. It was inspired by a kid practicing his hockey moves at a local pond.


Topsy is my first finish for 2016. She’s 26.5 by 34 inches and was wrapped up in February.

Topsy done

January 2015

To begin a new year here’s Impact, completed in January 2015, and measuring 42.5 inches square.

Impact 2

Ripples In Still Water (30 by 39.5 inches) was actually finished in 2014, but I forgot to include it in that year’s portfolio. So I’m putting it in 2015 as I didn’t blog about it until then. It won Honorable Mention for art quilts at the 2015 Lake Farmpark show.


February 2015

February brought two finishes.

Tidal_marshTidal Salt Marsh – Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (32 by 14.5 inches)

Hazy 1A Hazy Shade of Winter (26 by 37 inches)

March 2015

At the end up March I got (At The) Feet of Klee bound. It uses sun printed fabrics and silks, including bits from a silk scarf.

Feet of Klee bound2

April 2015

Curves Ahead got bound in April and is on display over a second floor railing. It measures 49.5 inches by 65 inces.

Curves Ahead 2Continuing with the modern quilt output, in April I also finished Spring @ 60 MPH (30.5 by 46.5 inches).


May 2015

DappledDappled is a small FMQ practice piece. I was bemused to run through two bobbins of Aurifil 50 weight thread on this one.

RennieRennie was inspired by the work of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. It’s 35 inches long.

June 2015

Rust Never SleepsRust Never Sleeps took a long time to find a design solution. It measures 37 by 32.5 inches.Color SlideColor Slide relies on color for impact. It measures 23.5 by 46 inches and is in use on my dining room table.

July 2015

At long last The Big Bang is done. It’s 17.5 inches by 22 inches. I started it in February at Empty Spools and lived with it on my design wall for many months.

The_Big_Bang_Joanna_MackAnother finish, My Brain On Xmas, also slipped in this month. It’s 23 inches by 27 inches, and may also have to stand in for an August finish.

Brain 2

September 2015

Moonrise was finally bound at the beginning of the month.

Moonrise 2Arcs (19 inches by 20 inches) showed up near the end of the month.

Arcs edges finishedI celebrated a trying household incident by finishing up Yellow Jacket. It measures about 60 by 80 inches and is on the functional modern end of my creations.

Yellow Jacket2October

Maybe I should say October-ish, as my finishes straddle the calendar between October and November.

I completed the second piece developed from the same set of fabrics as Arcs, above. This piece is called Grasses.

GrassesI also produced a few trifles from scraps. Spring Sky is an improv piece based solely on color and two and a half leftover pinwheel blocks.

Spring Sky 2


To continue the -ish theme, I worked on Phosphenes mostly in October, but finished it in November.



To finish up 2015 I have an old project, found and finally finished. Shirley’s Star sat for years awaiting a way to set it.  It measures 30 by 37 inches.

Shirleys Star

Then, there’s the last challenge piece for the year, Disappearing Diamonds. It was a thread challenge, and measures about 12.5 by 15.5 inches.

Dissolving DiamondsFinally, a small piece made with tissue paper as part of a mixed media class. I call it Ruined Choir Lofts. It measures 14.5 by 15.5 inches.


13 responses to “My Quilts – 2015 to 2018

  1. Brooke

    Fascinated with your Erie Canal quilt. My husband and I cruised the entire length of the canal in 2012/13. Rented a narrow boat and had a great time. Rotten Upstate NY weather aside. Thanks for the memories.

    • I learned a lot about the canal, and canals in the U.S., while I was working on this piece. There are still small stretches where you can take a canal boat ride, but most is not navigable. I’ve heard of those canal boat rentals in New York, though I don’t think they are available in Ohio.

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  3. You have some very interesting works. I like the art of them. I really love the one on the bottom with the leaves. They are all beautiful.

  4. MARY D

    I am not sure how I found your blog but I have enjoyed viewing your beautiful work. The Curves Ahead piece is simply lovely. I have seen this pattern online many times, but your piece had me to just stop and gaze…. a long time I might add.

    Keep being creative and making beautiful things. Yes retirement does give one the time to sit and play with fabric without outside time constraints.

    • I made Curves Ahead based on an photo I found on Pinterest. I tried to find the original source of that design, but don’t think I managed that. I think the original pattern called for much smaller shapes than I used. But I liked the supersized version I made better.

  5. Carole Marcum

    Love your sense of color and design.

  6. Berit Koster

    Absolutely love your work. How do you have time for it all?

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