My Quilts – 2019 To 2021

January 2019

“Disco Woks” was the first finish of the year.

Disco Woks, 20 x 27.5″
“If The Shoe Fits”

February 2019

A baby quilt, actually a coverlet as it’s tied, was finished for an April birth.

“Some Pig” based on statues in Cincinnati, was completed for a challenge. It’s 8.5 by 11 inches and mounted on a black canvas.

“Deep Purple” combines cotton and velveteen, and is 34.5 by 43.5 inches.

March 2019

I finished “The Square Deal Falls Apart,” and yellow does indeed take over. Flip it, and you have “The Square Deal Comes Together.”

27 by 44 inches

I also finished “Dark and Deep,” another landscape featuring trees.

“Dark and Deep,” 33 by 38 inches

June 2019

I’ve made a few tops, but so far only “The Costume Shop Jungle” has made it to completion. It’s made almost entirely of scraps left over from glittery theatrical costumes.

“The Costume Shop Jungle” 22 by 28 inches

Also in June “Let The Mystery Be” got finished with the addition of some crystals for glitter to accompany the metallic thread quilting. It has lots of layers.

“Let The Mystery Be” 38 by 48 inches

July 2019

“Arches” got quilted after many passes through the harp on my sewing machine

“Arches” 37 by 56.5 inches

August 2019

This month I finished an experiment in negative space called “Xed Out.”

“Xed Out” 35 by 46 inches

I also created two small works from leftover fused fabric.

“Plane Geometry”
“Fault Lines”

September 2019

With a change of direction, “Camp Memories” was finished.

“Camp Memories” 24.5 by 35 inches

October 2019

“Concrete” is my tribute to Brutalist architecture. Nothing complements concrete like pink.

“Concrete” 22 by 30.5 inches

November 2019

This was my Rex Ray month with a large appliqued piece and a small embroidered one.

“Not All Black and White” 51 x 36 inches
“Ready to Split” 14 inches square

December 2019

After much consultation, I sewed a single button on “Entwined”.

“Entwined” 25 by 33 inches

Small pieces dominated my end of 2019 work.

“Oops!” 19.5 w by 17 h
“Winter Blues” 33 w by 24 h inches
“Winter’s Closing In” 14 by 17 inches
“Deep and Dark December” 14 inches square

January 2020

New year, old tops now finished up.

“Sunset” (48 x 65 inches) is a scrappy lap quilt.
“Aunt Harriet’s Handiwork” (37 x 36 inches) uses cyanotypes of my great aunt’s crocheted pieces.
“There’s Always An Oddball” reworks a garage sale purchase with silk squares and button additions.

February 2020

I finally completed my Annapolis Royal tidal marsh series.

“Annapolis Royal Marsh – Summer”

March 2020

The beginning of our societal experiment with social distancing brought artistic experiments.

With fabric I made in a mark making workshop I created “Fire or Ice” and “Still Standing.”

“Fire or Ice” 28 by 17.5 inches
“Still Standing”

April 2020

“Fortune and Fate” 37″ wide by 43″ high

May 2020

Ovals All Over, 23 by 50 inches
Mind The Gaps, 26″ wide by 40″ high

June 2020

“Whitewashed” 27″ wide by 37″ high

July 2020

I hadn’t planned to quilt “Pond” but I wanted to try out a walking foot quilting design.

“Pond” 31.5″ square

August 2020

“Suspended” 21″ wide by 24.5″ high

September 2020

“Beneath the Overpass” 34″ by 25″ high
“Win-Win” 20.5″ wide by 24″ high

October 2020

My month of using up scraps resulted in two finishes.

“Dreaming of Spring” is 31″ wide x 36″ high
“Pieces of My Quilts” is 26″ wide x 35″ high

November 2020

“Vertigo” 34″ wide by 30″ high
“Off The Coast of Maine” 19.5″ wide by 25″ high

December 2020

“Calliope” 42″ wide by 72″ high
“Ode on a Macedonian Urn”
21″ wide by 47″ long and 17″ wide by 35.5″ high

January 2021

A Thin Blue Line
High Summer

February 2021

“Roundabout” irregular, 17″ at widest point, 18″ at highest point
“Raspberry-Lime Swirl” 25.5 “wide by 31” high

March 2021

“Letting Go” 23″ wide by 34″ high

April 2021

Painted bowls 8″ in diameter
“A Cell With A View”

May 2021

“Cobalt” 25.5″ wide by 36.5″ high
“Corrugated” 30″ wide by 37.5″ high

June 2021

“Desire Lines” 24″ wide by 34″ high

July 2021

“You Can’t Go Home Again” 11″ high by 14″ wide
“Shattered” 22″ wide by 38.5″ high

August 2021

“Dreams of Freedom” 20.5″ high by 29″ wide
“Urban Decay” 30″ high by 20″ wide

September 2021

“S.O.S.” 32″ high by 35.5″ wide

October 2021

“Full Sail” 24″ high by 17″ high

November 2021

“If You Go Into The Woods Today” 24″ wide by 34.5″ high

December 2021

No title. 32″ wide by 40″ high