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Beatles Challenge Is Done and Dusted

I mentioned my guild’s Beatles song challenge as one of my projects for 2017. I chose Paperback Writer, and had great fun researching old pulp paperback covers.

dark-street-murders-coverThe legs encased in seamed stockings drew me to this cover for my inspiration. It was one of several that featured women’s gams. I changed it up a bit, added other bits appropriate to a pulp mystery story, and drew it out.  Since books need titles, I picked a 1964 Beatles song, Baby’s In Black, as suitable to the occasion.

Once I sewed together the green/yellow/black ombre fabrics as the background, I fused the figures and shadows on.

baby-partsI used black organza and black netting for the shadows. The red title piece was sewn on and then the fabric in back was cut off to reduce bulk. Drawing the gun gave me some difficulty until I simplified it. According to my husband the barrel is too short, but he wasn’t the one who had to cut it out. BTW, my husband also asked where the blood was. I told him the guy sustained a head wound.




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