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Around Here Week 20

I like trees so much I’m featuring another one this week, or at least its shadow. I want to wallow in the glorious green of the grass. You can only get that color in the 64 crayon box. In winter the ground is under ice as its flooded and turned into an ice skating pond.

I thought I could cut out the shadow in organza and layer it on pieced or painted green cloth; maybe two layers of shadow as one is crisper than the other.


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Around Here Week 19

This week I’m cheating. The photo below was taken by my brother of a tree in his yard. Spring has been slow to show up this year where he lives, so he was glad for a sunny day to admire the new leaves. Well, I never defined exactly where “around here” was.


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Around Here Week 12

I offer what I hope will be the last photo for a while that features snow, specifically snow on my doormat. The snow does a great job of highlighting the mat’s woven texture. I have no idea why the snow on the mat follows the pattern of the snow on the porch planks, but I like the effect against the ribbed texture of the mat. Note that I took this from inside my house. Our brief tantalizing bout of 70 degree weather has deserted us, and we’ve been back in the 20s and 30s.


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Around Here Week 11

I’m surely not about to show a photo of my daffodils right now. The poor things look like poster children for lost hopes. Instead, here’s a photo I took last week of a retaining wall by my driveway. I thought it had quite a two color modern vibe, with the regular dollops of white on top of the bricks, and an asymmetric pattern. My favorite element is the ruffly band of snow on the left bottom edge.

And happy first day of spring.


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Around Here Week 1

“Write what you know” is the advice often given to would be writers. Quilt what you know is the advice I’m giving myself. And what I know is what surrounds me every day in and outside my house. I’ve started to capture the quotidian bits of my life with my camera with the notion some of the results will spark a quilt idea or two.

Now I’m not talking about artfully composed photos. Instead, I’m going for photos taken of odd subjects, often at weird angles, caught on the fly.

Why? I learned a lot from the last prompt of my master class, which was to design a quilt from decidedly uninspiring photos. I find that I try to duplicate beautifully composed photos, but have no problems riding roughshod over tourist snaps. If a photo is already a work of art I can’t seem to figure out how to extract anything from it.

So, each week I plan to post an inspiration shot. Here’s the first, of our freshly shoveled driveway as seen from my sewing room. My husband is a precise shoveler. I did apply the black and white setting on my camera to bring out the pattern. I see a possible fabric design in it.





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An Inspiration Too Far

Shortly after I read the following in a newsletter, “Do you ever get in a creative rut? The best cure is to get out and explore. Open yourself up to new possibilities. Let in the sights, sounds and smells around you. Take a camera or a notebook and capture what catches your eye.” I came across this in my kitchen trash can. Maybe I took the advice too literally.



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