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Gone Bowling

Generally I’m one of the last people to learn about the latest sewing fad.  I suspect this may be the case for microwavable fabric bowls.  Someone at a meeting I attended brought one, along with this tutorial from Tamarack Shack. I just finished making two of them.

fabric bowls

I’m always happy to come across a sewn object that could actually be useful.  I know all too well how hot bowls of soup, stew, etc., get in the microwave.  This handy, all cotton, cradle for your bowl has ears you can grasp to protect your fingers. Just place your bowl in its crater, microwave as usual, and lift out your bowl.  If spills occur, put the fabric bowl in your next load of wash.

fabric bowl with bowl

Yes, you can buy one of these on Etsy for $9-$10, but with 8 to 12 inch squares of fabric and cotton batting you can make your own with stuff already in your stash.  The tutorial at Tamarack Shack (link above) works just fine, even for craft-impaired me.  I’d suggest two additions: use a walking foot if you have one and lighten your presser foot tension, and mark your bottom of the bowl stitching lines on the right side of one “good” fabric with an erasable marker before you begin construction. Oops, that’s three additions.

fabric bowls top view

You can see the bottom stitching lines best on the peaches bowl on the right, above. They hold the two layers together, and could be fancier, if that’s your wish.

Maybe I can use them to hold spools of thread or buttons or whatever clutter I’m trying to corral.  I think they’d make good hostess gifts, too.



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