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Molly Upton @ QuiltCon 2016

I’m reblogging Maria Shell’s post on the Molly Upton exhibit at QuiltCon. Amazing quilts are timeless. I have Maria’s permission to do this.

Maria Shell

The best most fabulous thing happened while I was at QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena, California.

IMG_1637 (1) The Overcoat 1976

I got to spend a bit of time every day standing in front of Molly Upton’s amazing quilts.

IMG_1629 (1) Watchtower 1975

As I wandered though the exhibition I kept thinking-

IMG_1623 (1) Watchtower detail 1975

How did I not know about her work?

IMG_1574 (1) Blades 1974

These quilts are so incredibly modern and visionary, yet most of her work is at least 40 years old.

IMG_1567 (1) Blades Detail 1974

The thing that brought me to tears every time I looked at her art was knowing how it all ended. She took her own life before her 24th birthday.

IMG_1551 Symbol-Self Portrait Without a Mirror 1975

What a tragedy that she did not grow old as a maker and an artist.

IMG_1557 Pine Winter 1974

Here is what I know of the story. Pamela Weeks  is a quilt historian and…

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