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Around Here Week 16

I find it amusing that I went to an art museum and took more photos of light and shadows than I did of the art work. I was captivated by the contrasting lines of the wood floor and the shadows in this sculpture gallery. The curves of the trees and the sculptures set off the straight lines of the floor planks and the window supports.

As a bonus, here’s a detail from a Dutch interior painting from 1663 that I did photograph. The little girl is so carefully carrying a tray of refreshments in to a group of amateur musicians. I love the homey touches of the dog and the watchful eye of the woman holding the baby. I also enjoy the changes in the flooring and the perspective through to the arched window. Nobody could paint interiors like the Dutch.

Here’s the link to the entire painting by Pieter de Hooch. While you’re there, you can browse most of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Collection.

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Around Here Week 14

My eyes are starved for green, which may be why I chose green fabric to line all the zipper pouches I just made. Ohio doesn’t do a great spring. I could weep as I remember spring in North Carolina – beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, and delightful fragrances. Pale pink and white petals strewn on gravel paths.

So here’s what spring in the woods near me looks like now. Skunk cabbage, woohoo! I can’t believe that Tennessee lists it as endangered.


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Around Here Week 12

I offer what I hope will be the last photo for a while that features snow, specifically snow on my doormat. The snow does a great job of highlighting the mat’s woven texture. I have no idea why the snow on the mat follows the pattern of the snow on the porch planks, but I like the effect against the ribbed texture of the mat. Note that I took this from inside my house. Our brief tantalizing bout of 70 degree weather has deserted us, and we’ve been back in the 20s and 30s.


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Around Here Week 11

I’m surely not about to show a photo of my daffodils right now. The poor things look like poster children for lost hopes. Instead, here’s a photo I took last week of a retaining wall by my driveway. I thought it had quite a two color modern vibe, with the regular dollops of white on top of the bricks, and an asymmetric pattern. My favorite element is the ruffly band of snow on the left bottom edge.

And happy first day of spring.


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Around Here Week 10

I love to see the tracks animals leave in snow, one of the few aspects of snow I like. The deer hoof prints are obvious, but what made those paw marks lined up neatly behind each other that came right up to our french door?

The holly bushes by our front porch attracted a flock of robins who squabbled over the berries this past Sunday. I was impressed at their efficiency in gulping berries. They used our porch to stage attacks on each other, and left lots of little birdy feet tracks behind. I keep meaning to carve a stamp or two of bird feet and use it to enliven dull fabric.



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Around Here Week 9

rain-on-screenA sleet storm left ice drops on my screen porch screen, The drops were being melted by the sun when I took this photo. A possible idea for an overlay on an Impressionistic landscape. This photo would be fun to enhance with all sorts of photo editing tools, but for now I’m keeping it real


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Around Here Week 8

I’m sure I’ll be posting more snow photos, but for now I can’t resist showing that early harbinger of spring, the witch hazel shrub. I came across this one opening up while on a walk at a local park. Ooh, I said to my husband, I think it’s a witch hazel. He replied, I know it is. How, I asked, as my husband can’t recognize a hydrangea bush. That’s what the tag says, was his response.



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