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Around Here Week 28

When the weather gets hot gazing into a lily pond does wonders to reduce the perceived temperature. I enjoyed this pond at a local park. I like how the pink/purple overtones contrast with the green. The lily pads and stems of the iris provide great texture, and the flowers give just the right pop of color.


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Around Here Week 27

This week’s photo comes from New Jersey, thanks to my brother. He caught the tail end of a summer storm at sunset. I love the contrast of the dark foliage around the edges with the volume of the clouds. The clouds remind me of wool roving. The color scheme would be perfect for a moody work – the purple/blue/gray and the grayed yellow.


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Around Here Week 26

In honor of all the fireworks displays that will be set off on the 4th, here’s a botanical fireworks. I have no idea what this six foot tall plant is; most likely a weed, given its size. It could be fun to embroider the bursts of stalks that radiate from the center.


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Around Here Week 25

This week’s posts are drawn from my recent trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. Here’s the view from the tasting room at the Lamoreaux Landing winery by Seneca Lake in Lodi, New York. Pretty sweet. It seems ready made for a landscape quilt.


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Around Here Week 19

This week I’m cheating. The photo below was taken by my brother of a tree in his yard. Spring has been slow to show up this year where he lives, so he was glad for a sunny day to admire the new leaves. Well, I never defined exactly where “around here” was.


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Around Here Week 18

This week I’m featuring my city’s latest effort to give my neighborhood that special touch. I can now tell people who come to my house to turn left at the port-a-potty. A little background – since last July a major storm water retention/diversion project has been under construction a few blocks from where I live. Now that project has moved closer to my house and my poor neighbors have to put up with a construction vehicle crazed toddler’s dream of heavy equipment parked all over the place.

The pile of dirt to the right is just one of several piles on that lawn, or should I say former lawn.

I’m not too sure what this has to do with inspiration, except that sometimes you create a hot mess that looks hopeless.


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Around Here Week 17

It’s finally warm enough at night to set out the potted herbs we overwintered in our kitchen. We have one rosemary bush that’s now over 13 years old, and a sage plant. The sage got a haircut before we put it out, and we dried the leaves for culinary use. I was taken with the fleshiness of the sage leaves when they were spread out on a baking pan. The veins in the leaves look a lot better than the veins in my legs.

sage 2 resized



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