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Painting the Sky

After many postponements, a friend and I finally got together to paint fabric using Mickey Lawler’s techniques. Following Mickey’s book and DVD on Skydyes, we covered damp white cotton fabric with Setacolor fabric paint. Here’s our paint mixing table and our sponges and brushes.

Setacolor paint mixingOne lesson I learned was that colors really lighten up as the fabric dries. You’d think I would know this from dyeing, but I’m a slow learner.

Painted landscape wetPainted landscape dryThe sky is actually more nuanced than the photo shows, but I had expected a less pastel result.

Here’s another example, this time using Mickey’s scrunching technique. The fabric on the left is my mop up cloth.

Scrunched fabric and mop cloth wetScrunched fabric dryOne easy technique I enjoyed was sponging paint on with light taps. I made a winter sky that didn’t seem to lighten as much as the pieces above.

Winter sky landscape wetWet

Winter sky landscape dryDry

We did learn we could use a bit more practice, as what seemed effortless on the DVD wasn’t so easy. What a surprise!


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