Paper Piecing Wizardry

If you’ve looked at my finished quilts page (you have, of course) you know I do paper piecing.  I turned to that method after my efforts to evolve into a perfect piecer hit a brick wall at barely adequate on the piecing meter.  So I was excited to come across Deb Karasik’s website.  This lady is not afraid of color in her paper pieced creations.  Exuberant is the word that comes to my mind when I look at her work.  Now, I’d love to show you samples of her work, but I’m somewhat intimidated by the notice on her website about reproducing the pictures without Deb’s permission.  Just click on the link above and see for yourself.

Anyway, besides selling tools and patterns of her work, Deb offers some free stuff.   Scroll down her home page to get to that link.  Free patterns, hubba, hubba.  I really want to make “Turning Over A New Leaf” and have downloaded the PDF files.  Bet I could make one for each season – pale green, dark green, reds/yellows, don’t know what I’d do for winter.

I’ve given myself permission to post a picture of one of my paper pieced quilts.  It’s from a Nancy Mahoney scrap quilt book.  And I’m sure you noticed it’s also about leaves.

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