A Day At The Improv

It began so innocently with a search for a piece of my beloved, but much cut into, Ricky Tims fabric. After pawing fruitlessly through my scrap bins I turned to my fabric in the making bin (bits of fabric sewn together to create new fabric) in search of that last piece.  And there I unearthed my improv leftovers.

They went so well with scraps from recent projects that I sat down at the machine and started sewing them all together.  Two hours later the following new improvisational pieces emerged.  Some are ready for quilting.  Others will be returned to the bin to age and await further additions.





I never did find that Ricky Tims fabric.


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3 responses to “A Day At The Improv

  1. Judy

    Looks like you had tons of fun. You do make me tired, though!

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