Another Way To Face A Quilt

A side benefit of attending a big quilt show is “meeting” new quilters through their work on display.  This is how I met Terry Aske, a Canadian art quilter, who was juried into Quilt Canada 2014.  Of course I checked out her blog when I got home, and found a post that offered a refinement of a quilt facing technique. I do love it when quilting bloggers share helpful tips. It’s the sharing that helps make the quilting community so special.

More and more of my quilts lend themselves to a facing rather than a binding, so I plan to try Terry’s method on the next quilt I need to face.  If it works, I’ll add it to my tutorials page.

Here’s her Shades of Gray, that won second place in the modern quilt category at Quilt Canada. Ironically, it’s bound, not faced.

Terry Aske Quilt Canada 2014If you’re reading this post and you don’t quilt, I understand why you might think that it’s best to face a quilt looking forward, and wonder why you’d need a tutorial to do that.


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