The Finalists

I feel like I’m running a TV elimination show with this modern drunkards path quilt layout. Too bad there’s no food involved.

Anyway here are my finalists. Two I’ve posted already; the third is new.


Commenters felt the above two layouts complemented the modern feel of this design.

The new layout is a random one that sprinkles the four different neutral fabrics around.

random 1 layoutWhile I dither over this top I am finishing up other projects, and have just finished my landscape.


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17 responses to “The Finalists

  1. When you did the post with the 6 layouts, my favorite was the one that is the second one in this post – the little squares, white in tan and tan in white. But now that I’ve seen this one, I like the random one best too.

  2. I’m sitting on a boat viewing this on my phone, not really ideal for comparing layouts. I keep holding my phone at arm’s length, then turning it so I can see the different layouts all of a sudden, as if walking into a room. I was going to go with the little TV sets, but when I tried my viewing exercise, I realized how the random layout makes the red design float. I think that’s my favorite. Btw, everyone else on the boat is now questioning my sanity. Thx 😉

  3. It’s the random one for me – it has an element of surprise that the other two don’t 🙂

  4. patty

    I like the top left one and the sprinkles one. The top left is more orderly and the other is more scrappy.

  5. The real question is, which one do YOU like best? 🙂

    • It would depend on the time of day you ask me that. It has been immensely helpful to get feedback from outside my house for this piece. It’s helped clarify my perspective. Some layouts I thought were great at first have just not stood the test of time for even a few days. As I said in my first post, I’ll probably go for a random layout, but I wanted to try different approaches. While I may not use them now, they may show up in later quilts.

      • My preference is the random layout, shown third. Next is the one with centers, though that reminds me a little of a stack of “space age” television sets with a very small space for the picture. But that amuses me more than annoys me, so I’d do that one, too. ???

      • Yes, I thought of old TV sets for that layout,too. One of my “easily amused” pastimes is to date older movies by the electronic devices used – those cordless phones the size of large bricks, the at the time cutting edge computers with the huge CRTs, etc.

  6. Judy

    I am voting for the 3rd option– it is more visually stimulating…

  7. I like the random one–it seems to have movement and energy! Looking forward to seeing the landscape, too!

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