Kindergarten Deja Vu

I have fond childhood memories of cutting up sheets of colored paper with blunt end scissors to make shapes, then gluing them (and my fingers) to construction paper. For my latest master class assignment, layers, I’m revisiting those kindergarten skills.

I love transparent layers, so I’m deviating a bit from the assignment by cutting tissue paper into three sizes of a candle flame-like shape. Then I play. When I make an arrangement that appeals to me, I take a picture.

Here are my shapes ready for action.

cut tissue paperI warmed up with simple combinations, then got more baroque.



layers twins


For my class I’m de-saturating the colors so I can see if the values work, but those photos aren’t nearly as much fun. I’m also doing a pencil sketch that’s quite elaborate, but again it’s black and white.

My silk organza arrived from Dharma Trading, so I’ll start painting it once I pick my colors.


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9 responses to “Kindergarten Deja Vu

  1. Somehow I must have missed those kindergarten experiences. But I love your transparencies. I have always enjoyed transparency quilts, and would love to make some. Look forward to seeing yours!

    • I just finished painting several fat quarters of silk organza for this project. Of course, the colors aren’t what I had planned, so I think the product will have softer colors than I anticipated.

  2. the transparent effects are nice. Hope you ban reproduce them with paint!

  3. I’ve never much liked cut-and-paste (and apparently passed that trait on to my son,) but I’ve found that rearranging simple shapes can yield good insights into use of space, shapes, color, and value. Looks like you’re right there with those lessons. Have fun!

  4. You art quilters sure know how to have fun!

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